GRiZ Releases New Album, ‘Rainbow Brain’

GRiZ Rainbow Brain
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American DJ & songwriter, GRiZ has released his new 7th album named “Rainbow Brain.” Listen to the full album below.

His new album, “Rainbow Brain” is tied up with marvellous intention as a project that feels the most radically authentic to the artist path.

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The album has an audible experience that has defined GRiZ as a trailblazer in electronic dance music, as well as a positive force of good.

Also, previously he released the tracks including, “Astro Funk,” “Vibe Check,” “Tie-Dye Sky,” and “Rainbow Brain” and unheard collaborations with Cherub and Big Gigantic.

See ‘Rainbow Brain’ Tracklist Here:

1. c h r o m e s t h e s i a
2. Astro Funk
3. Vibe Check
4. t a k e – e m – b a c k
5. GRiZ x Jantsen – Burn Up the Floor
6. g o t – i t – l i k e
7. Tie-Dye Sky
8. R O Y G B i V – i n t e r l u d e
9. Rainbow Brain (feat. ProbCause, Chrishira Perrier)
10. 2 4
11. Harmony
12. Gold (feat. Cherub)
13. Daily Routine (feat. Big Gigantic, ProbCause)
14. Other Side of Jupiter
15. w u – w e i
16. Infinite
17. y o u – a r e . i – c a n
18. Feel It All (feat. Chrishira Perrier)
19. 4 2
20. 548 MAC ave
21. p . s .
22. Another World
23. The Echo Tree

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GRiZ Releases New Album, ‘Rainbow Brain’

GRiZ ‘Rainbow Brain’ Out Now! Like This Album? Stream & Download The Full Album By Clicking Here.