Instagram Launches “Recently Deleted” Features To Protect Your Post

Recently Deleted Instagram
Via Pinterest

Social networking service, Instagram has launched their new ‘Recently Deleted’ feature to protect our Instagram post history.

It would help you to protect your Instagram post history from hackers. The app is introducing a new “recently deleted” feature, which adds an extra step before a post can be permanently removed from your account. That posts are not visible to anyone else, however, they will remain visible to the account owner in case you want to restore them. 

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To recover deleted posts, go to Settings > Account > Recently Deleted. Posts in this folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days with the exception of stories, which disappear after 24 hours.

According to Engadget.com, it’s also an additional safeguard against hackers who frequently target Instagram accounts. People whose accounts are hacked often have all of their posts removed before they can regain access, which can be a devastating loss for those who rely on their Instagram presence for their business or to keep track of family photos.

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Speaking about the “recently deleted” feature, Instagram says that it will require users to verify their identity via text or email before they’re able to restore a post or remove it permanently.