Watch Miley Cyrus ‘Tiny Desk’ (Home) Concert

Miley Cyrus Tiny Desk
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American singer and record producer, Miley Cyrus has performed her massive three tracks, “Fade Into You” “Golden G-String” & “Prisoner” on Tiny Desk home concert. Watch the full performance below.

The concert is performed by Miley Cyrus, produced by Johnny Pascucci, directed by Alana O’Herlihy. Miley Cyrus has always understood that music is theater. So it’s no surprise that, visiting the imaginative space that is the Tiny Desk, she transforms it into something both fantastical and true to her topsy-turvy Mileyness.

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The songs Cyrus offers are as direct and affecting as the set is whimsical. Cyrus has lately proven herself one of pop’s great interpretive vocalists, and she scores another triumph with her version of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You,” a hazy psychedelic anthem that she infuses with just the edge of the next day’s hangover.

The two songs from Plastic Hearts that follow are her own bids at classic-rock timelessness. In “Golden G-String” Cyrus assesses her own life in the spotlight with Leonard Cohen-esque charm. And “Prisoner” is the power ballad that lets Cyrus really break out – as she leaves the tiny room — just a box, it turns out, on a soundstage – and joins her band, she’s as free and self-confident as she’s ever been.

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Watch Miley Cyrus ‘Tiny Desk’ (Home) Concert