KSHMR Plays DJ Set in Kashmir on 76th Indian Independence Day

Kshmr's surprise for Indian fans

India is celebrating its 76th Independence day and making it more special DJ KSHMR is performing a live DJ set on the scenic beauty of Kashmir. This Live event is organized by Sunburn Music Festival.

As many of KSHMR’s fans already know that KSHMR has an emotional connection with Kashmir because his grandparents are from Kashmir and his father is a Kashmiri Hindu who emigrated from India, while his mother is American. So that’s why KSHMR got his last name “DHAR” which is Kashmiri’s last name.

It’s just mesmerizing to watch and listen to KSHMR’s live DJ set on Kashmir lake which is one of the most marvelous scenic beauties in the world. KSHMR’s songs are always filled with orchestral and composed around Asian instruments which gives the listeners chilly vibes.

DJ KSHMR never misses the chance to surprise his fans or listeners and again this time he surprises with the addition of a couple of Kashmiri songs in his live DJ set.

If you miss the Kshmr in Kashmir live stream then here is the youtube video attached below.