Saba Team Up With Krayzie Bone For Track, ‘Come My Way’

Come My Way Saba
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American rapper & singer, Saba has teamed up with Krayzie Bone for the new track named “Come My Way.” Watch the full music video below.

The vocals come up, “This sound like tube socks on Madison Ave / Students acting bad up in the class / Drop out but family will ask / Lie like you plan on going back aye.”

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Saba said, “Poverty song was a concept I considered for this one. All I’m doing [is] thinking how to get some money, and then we’ll be good. A false statement, but one that I believed at a point, and many others believe right now.

“This song also takes place in that nostalgic kind of setting. I’m describing many things that are normal on the westside of Chicago so that it plays like just any other day. Pretty stagnant but having so much life. We ain’t got no time to relax. A harsh reality for so many people experiencing this type of poor. The focus is on work and survival.

“Had to run them niggas shooting the shit, I wish that the guys had shields.” An acknowledgement of grief, but the song is not written as to feel sad or sorry for ourselves. It is a reality, not one I or anyone else can change, so this song is getting up the next day and getting to work, or getting to it however you provide, but just moving on in that fashion. “And then we’ll be good.” Throughout whatever adversity, challenges, and otherwise just fucked up shit comes our way.

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Saba Team Up With Krayzie Bone For Track, ‘Come My Way’

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