Spotify Introduces New Story Feature For Artist Playlists

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The music streaming app, Spotify would introduce a new story feature, which allows artists to personalize playlists with Clips. Check out the post below.

Spotify for Artists official account announced the news via Twitter and wrote that ‘We’re introducing new ways for artists to use playlists to share their stories with fans Spotify Clips will debut on even more Spotify playlists, featuring artists in short videos that let them put their own stamp on a playlist experience’

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They added, ‘In 2020, over 76,000 artists were playlisted for the first time on Spotify—resulting in 16 billion discoveries by fans a month.’ See all the highlights from Spotify’s Stream On event here.

In the meantime, Yesterday, Spotify announced HiFi a new lossless streaming tier that will allow listeners to get the most from their digital music library.

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Spotify Introduces New Story Clips Feature For Artist Playlists