Tame Impala Apologise To Fans For Cancelled US Tour

Wings of Time Tame Impala
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The rock band, Tame Impala Apologise to their fans for cancelled shows on rescheduled US tour 2021. Check out the post below.

Yesterday on June 22nd, Tame Impala announced their 2021 “Phase 1 Rushium® Trials” tour, the dates of which completely replace their previous tour itinerary.

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They shared the tour cancellation news via social media, they said, “We have been so excited to announce rescheduled dates for 2021. Also…. we understand that the excitement for some is a huge disappointment for others,” They added, “We worked hard with agents, Aionwell and promoters to reschedule what Tame Impala headline show We could,”

“Due to changes in dates of festivals we had to work around, continued travel restrictions and quarantines in Australia, sharing venues with sporting events as well as other musical acts all rescheduling at the same time, this made some shows impossible to do this year,” the band added.

“We apologize to all those fans who may have missed out, and realize how frustrating it is after waiting for so long. We will do our best to make it up in the future, we’re still working on 2022. There will be enough Rushium for everyone,” they concluded.

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Tame Impala Apologise To Fans For Cancelled US Tour