You Must Have These Beard Styles If You Are Rapper & Singer

Beard Styles
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If you are confused about which beard style is to choose as a rapper and artist so you can check out these styles specially designed for teenagers and youth.

With their capacity to radically modify your aesthetic, beards have become one of the most popular trends for guys. The remarkable thing is that every man can have a different beard style.

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You Must Have These Beard Styles If You Are Rapper, Artist

1. Full Beard

rapper full beard style

Not everyone can grow a full beard. Genetic causes are the most common explanation for some men’s inability to grow a beard. But you are someone whose facial hair grow faster then you have to definitely go for this look. You want to make sure your hair is styled properly and that your barber does a good job on your haircuts.


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2. Bushy Beard

rapper beard style - bushy beard

This Bushy beard is for someone who wants to gain attention instantly because in this look you look disorganized and not generally people around you not look in this way. A bushy beard can also give you a more aged appearance. A bushy beard, like a long beard, needs to be coupled with a haircut that is styled properly. You can also use this hair style for inspiration.

3. Short Hair With Beard

rapper beard style - short hair with beard

This is a whole new hairdo trend. When your hair gets shorter, you’ll want to make sure your beard is the same length as your hair. Experimentation is the greatest approach to determine whether or not this hairstyle is right for you.. A longer beard looks great with longer hairstyles, but you want to make sure your beard doesn’t look too out of place if you have a shorter haircut. 

4. Long Hair With Beard

long hair with short beard.

If you are someone who can maintain long hair properly because it all depends on your hair type. A bushy beard can also make you appear to be older. A bushy beard, like a lengthy beard, needs to be paired with a well-styled haircut. Long hair suits with all type of beard style so if you want to grow your beard long too then there is no problem in that.

5. Fade Haircut With Beard

Fade Haircut with Beard

Why don’t you style your hair with beard if you are going to barber to shape your beard than do both the work together. A fade haircut is one of the most flattering haircuts to compliment a beard since it is nicely balanced and gives facial hair a trendy vibe. You should try these beard styles if you are a rapper, artist.

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6. Curly Hair With Beard

Worry because of curly hair ? Curls and waves, for example, go exceptionally well with beards because their textures complement one other. When coupled with a beard, you’ll want to use a product with a shiny finish to make your hair stand out.

Curly Hair with Beard - rapper / artist beard style

7. Power Beard With Walrus Mustache

Pair your power beard style with a bold walrus moustache if you have the mustache-growing genetics for it. You can wear your moustache down and comb it into your beard, or you can wax it and curl it into a handlebar like a Verdi beard.

Power Beard with Walrus Mustache
patchy beard

Many people think that a patchy beard does not look cool it’s more look like a childish face but no more. The trick is to emphasise the growing elements of your beard while keeping the uneven areas short. So, if you have the ability to grow a strong moustache and goatee, develop those sections of your beard while keeping your cheeks stubbled.

9. Teenager Beard Style

rapper and artist beard style

In teen years hair on beard just started coming so you can for these simple and dashing beard style.They also look excellent and have the ability to project an image that perfectly balances maturity and youth.

10. Mutton Chops

mutton chops beard style

Before you laugh, mutton chops are long overdue for a comeback. And if you want to stand out from the crowd in 2021, they might just be your best bet. This line best quoted this “History repeat itself”.

11. Short Boxed Beard

short boxed

The short boxed beard styles is an angular version of the corporate beard, but rapper also go for it with a bit extra length around the chin to assist produce the boxed beard’s sharper lines and accentuate the jawline. The main reason for suggesting short boxed is that this is suitable for any age.

12. Goatee Beard

Goatee Beard

Goatee beard styles needs less effort as well, yet they still look great on slender to round faces. A lengthy goatee was once reserved for professors and celebrities, but it is now worn by just about everyone.

13. Beardstache


This is the Bhagat Singh beard styles beard you should definitely try the beard stache. This is the combination of a mustache and a beard where the former is intentionally left longer than the latter. The beard stache is a very controversial style: you can love it or hate it, but never ignore it.

14. Power Beard


The power beard styles isn’t technically a long beard according to our six-inch rule, but it didn’t seem right to lump it in with the short beards. Power beards, as the name suggests, are serious business. It’s a badass beard style that straddles the line between rugged and modern.

15. Classic Beard

classic  style

For those who are serious about their facial hair, the classic beard is recommended. Keep in mind that it is not for everyone. Our advice is to pair this beard style with a youthful haircut that will allow you to interpret this classic look in a modern way.