10 Best Famous Female Guitarists Of All-Time

Best Famous Female Guitarists
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Female Guitarists face a lot of discomfort and problems to reach where they want to. We can’t add all the finest famous female guitarists to this list because it is too many. We’ve attempted to include the ones that blazed the brightest.

Establishing a distinctive style, play an important part in a famous band, or laid down tracks for others to follow. So, this list consists of the finest female guitarists who were highly influential. Also, there is a handful from whom male guitar legends took their licks.

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So, here comes the list of the finest famous female guitarists who made guitar their own extension.

10. Jennifer Batten

Jennifer Batten was a member of Michael Jackson’s touring band during the ’80s and Mid 90s and she used to kill the stage with her performance. She has also collaborated with blues-rock legend Jeff Beck. She is one of the best guitarists ever.

9. “Mother” Maybelle Carter

Maybelle Carter was affectionately known as “Mother”. She was the official member of the Carter Family and a guitar pioneer. She had an unorthodox way of playing the guitar. Also, her daughter was none other than “June Carter” who later gains fame alongside “Johnny Cash”.

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8. Kaki King

She got recognition during the early 2000s because of her style of playing the guitar and garnered attention. Kaki is an excellent percussionist. She also made a soundtrack for a Sean Penn-directed film “Into the Wild”.

7. Orianthi

She is a touring guitarist who worked with the best in the industry which includes famous names like Michael Jackson and also legendary guitarist Steve Vai. She is one of the best guitarists ever.

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6. Nita Strauss

She is Alice Cooper’s current tour guitarist and has a thriving solo career. Strauss was the first Ibanez guitar signatory and often appears in international print magazines such as Guitar World and Guitar Player.

5. Sister Rosetta Tharpe

If anyone took gospel songs on another level then it was definitely Sister Rosetta Tharpe with her impeccable guitar solos. Also, She is one of the best guitarists ever.

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4. Bonnie Rait

10 Grammy awards have been awarded to Raitt. She was included as number 50 in the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” list of Rolling Stone, and also number 89 in the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” magazine list.

3. Mary Ford

She was an American vocalist and guitarist, as half of Les Paul in their husband and wife combo. Between 1950 and 1954 the pair had 16 top 10 singles.  Last but not least Six million recordings were sold in 1951 alone.

2. Nancy Wilson

In short Nancy Wilson rocks. She is an absolute rocker. Also, she was part of the “Heart” band. She is one of the best guitarists ever.

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1. Lita Ford

Lita was able to transcend her fame with “The Runaways” while breaking away to start a career that may have been heavier and brasher. She had that 80s hard rock sound. She also did a duet with Ozzy Osbourne “Close my eyes forever”.