10 Best Foo Fighters Songs Ever

best Foo Fighters songs
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So, we are here with the best of Foo Fighters songs. Also, you really don’t wanna miss any of these songs.  Kurt Cobain’s suicide ended Nirvana in April 1994, few expected the band’s drummer to go on to become one of the most popular rock artists of the following two decades.

The majority of people had never heard him speak, never alone hear him play guitar and sing. However, in the months after Cobain’s death, Dave Grohl made a demo tape under the name Foo Fighters, then recruited Germs guitarist Pat Smear and the Sunny Deal Real Estate rhythm section and began playing clubs. The project exploded in popularity, and the Foo Fighters now perform in far larger venues than Nirvana ever did.

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So, here comes the 10 Best foo fighters songs ever.

10. Stacked Actors

After relocating to Los Angeles approximately a year before work for Foos’ third album began, the vocalist rages against Hollywood’s endless fakes and phonies on the album’s lead tune. 

9. Aurora

“Aurora” never was scheduled to be released, and also most younger fans are unaware of it, although it is considered one of the group’s main greatest by passionate fans. Best Foo Fighters Songs Ever.

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8. Learn to Fly

“Learn to Fly” is one of Dave Grohl’s least favorite songs from There Is Nothing Left to Lose, yet the single catapulted the band to new heights of fame. They had a series of modest singles and were MTV favorites at the time, but “Learn to Fly” was their first Billboard Hot 100 entry, peaking at number 19.

7. All My Life

All My Life’s lyrics and its scraped riff that isn’t quite resolved by the climactic chorus are filled with a frantic frustration. In retrospect, the separation seems deliberate, as the band struggles with the difficult period before breaking through into the public.

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6. My Hero

My Hero’s drumming, bassline, and sprinkled guitars have become emblematic to rock’s greatest consistent band over the years: low on drama but strong hitters in the emotions. Best Foo Fighters Songs Ever.

5. Times Like These

The lyrics of One by One’s second single were directly inspired by the album’s tumultuous birth and Grohl’s fleeting concern that the band might not survive it. Best Foo Fighters Songs Ever.

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4. Big Me

Kurt Cobain’s influence is obvious on one of Dave’s most ingeniously simple melodies and repetitively abstract (mostly incomprehensible) lyrics, which somehow further enhance the music’s magnificence.

3. Monkey Wrench

Monkey Wrench’s feeling of instant, smash-mouth energy and fist-in-the-air catharsis, on the other hand, would catapult them into rock’s top leagues in the near future.

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2. Everlong

Everlong is an irresistible, reminiscent testament to the power of love (even when just remembered) in lighting the darkness, written over one of Dave Grohl’s darkest periods – Christmas 1996, when he had just divorced photographer Jennifer Youngblood, was crashing on a friend’s couch and faced an uncertain future with the Foos.

1. The Pretender

“The Pretender,” the album’s lead single, is more straightforward than many of the other tracks, but it’s still one of the finest. Later, Grohl stated that the song was influenced by the Sesame Street song. Best Foo Fighters Songs Ever.