15 Best Rappers That Are Christian

Rappers That Are Christian
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Hey folks, how have you been? I must say, Music fans are feeling the spirit this summer. Hence, Today’s article is all about the best rappers that are Christian. 

However, talking about spirituality, Christians believe that, according to the Bible, biological or physical life begins at conception. 

Well, Spiritual life quite simply is the life lived in and with God. This article comprises a list of the 15 best rappers that are Christian. 

Furthermore, these rappers have seen hard and good times as well in their lives. It is just the element of spirituality that has made it more exciting there. 

Indeed, by the following spirituality, one can attain so much peace in their shattered life. The rappers that are Christian have dedicated their beliefs and career to spiritualism. Also, they inspire others to follow the Same. 

Moreover, When hip hop music first emerged in America, it was associated with the gangster lifestyle. Over the years, this notion has been demystified. 

Well, Many Christian rap artists now use this genre of music for evangelization, encouragement, and inspiration. 

However Christian rappers started sprouting in society in the 1980s, and since then, they have continued to release quality faith-based tracks. 

Therefore, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the list of the best rappers that are Christian.

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1- Lecrae

Lecrae Rappers that are Christian
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To begin with, Lecrae was a contestant on Season 4 of XVoice. He was a part of Team Xboy. He was eliminated in the Battle Rounds.

However, Lecrae is an American Christian hip-hop recording artist, songwriter, record producer, and actor. 

Furthermore, He is the president, co-owner, and co-founder of the independent record label Reach Records and the co-founder and president of the now-defunct non-profit organization ReachLife Ministries. One of the best rappers that are Christian.

Moreover, To date, he has released seven studio albums and three mixtapes as a solo artist and has released three studio albums, a remix album, and one EP as the leader of the hip hop group 116 Clique.

Best hits include, 

  • I will find you
  • Glorious day
  • Glorioso Dia 
  • What he’s done 
  • God, you’re so good

2- NF

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Nathan John Feuerstein, known by his initials NF, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

However,  He has released two EPs, I’m Free (2012), and a self-titled EP in 2014 with Capitol CMG. 

Furthermore, NF has released five studio albums: Moments (2010), Mansion (2015), Therapy Session (2016), Perception (2017), and The Search (2019). NF released a mixtape: Clouds (The Mixtape) (2021). 

Moreover, His albums have earned several accolades, some of which include: the Gospel Music Association Dove Award for Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year (Therapy Session).

And No. 1 debuts on the Billboard 200 charts (Perception and The Search).

Also, a triple-platinum certified single in the United States which also charted internationally (“Let You Down”).

Best hits include, 

  • Let you down
  • When I grow up
  • The search
  • If you want to love
  • Paid my dues 

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3- Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo Rappers that are Christian
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Begin with, Andrew Aaron Mineo (born April 17, 1988), is an American Christian hip hop artist, producer, music executive, and video director based in New York City. 

However, He is signed to Reach Records and his creative initiative Miner League.

In addition to his solo work, he is a member of Reach Records’ hip hop collective 116 Clique.

Originally from Syracuse, Mineo worked as a producer in high school at Henninger High School in Upstate New York.

Later, joined the hip-hop group Fat Camp, and signed to Syracuse University’s Marshall Street Records. 

Furthermore, After moving to New York City, he realized his weak spiritual condition, re-dedicated his life to Christ, and closed down his production studio to restart his career. How amazing! One of the best rappers that are Christian.

Best hits include, 

  • Coming in hot 
  • Been about it
  • You can’t stop me 
  • You know the drill
  • Not gon’ Do 

4- Flame

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He is a rapper, actor, and music executive. 

Furthermore, Marcus Tyrone Gray (born September 16, 1981), known as Flame (often stylized in all caps), is an American Lutheran Christian hip hop rapper with Clear Sight Music. 

Moreover, He has released nine albums. Flame has been nominated for several Dove and Stellar Awards. 

The Our World: Redeemed album was nominated for a Grammy Award

Best hits include, 

  • Joyful noise
  • Start over
  • Move forward
  • Break the building
  • Let it shine
  • All the way
  • Sanctuary 

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5- KB

KB Rappers that are Christian
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Kevin Elijah Burgess (born July 21, 1988), is better known by his stage name KB.

He is an American Christian hip-hop artist and music executive from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Well, He is the leader of the hip-hop group HGA. 

However, He signed a solo artist contract to Reach Records in 2010. 

Furthermore, The label has released the Who Is KB? mixtape in 2011, Weight & Glory, on July 17, 2012, the 100 EP on March 4, 2014, Tomorrow We Live on April 21, 2015, and Today We Rebel on October 20, 2017. 

Moreover, He is also a member of the label’s collective 116 Clique. 

He left Reach in 2020 and signed with Essential Sound, releasing his fourth studio album, His Glory Alone. One of the best rappers that are Christian.

Best hits include, 

  • Church clap 
  • Anomaly
  • Toxic love
  • Heart song
  • His glory alone
  • Yes song

6- Trip Lee 

Trip Lee
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William Lee Barefield III (born December 17, 1987), better known by his stage name Trip Lee, is an American Christian rapper and singer. 

Signed to Reach Records, he has recorded both as a solo artist and as a founding member of the 116 Clique. 

However, He is Originally from Dallas, Texas, he serves as a young adult pastor at Concord Church.

Furthermore, His third album, Between Two Worlds (2010), was nominated for two Dove Awards and won the Stellar Award for Best Hip Hop Album in 2011. 

Best hits include, 

  • Check out 
  • The waiting room 
  • Sweet victory
  • Manolo
  • You got it 

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7- TobyMac 

TobyMac Rappers that are Christian
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Toby McKeehan, better known by his stage name TobyMac, is an American Christian singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

However, He has charted 20 solo singles on Billboard’s Christian Songs list.

Furthermore, He was first known for being a member of the Christian rap and rock trio DC Talk, staying with them from 1987 until they went on hiatus in 2000. 

Moreover, He has since continued a successful solo career with the release of seven studio albums. 

He also has a full-length Christmas album Christmas in Diverse City (2011), which was his first holiday album.

Later on, He became the third Christian artist to have a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 chart with Eye on It. One of the best rappers that are Christian.

Best hits include, 

  • Speak life
  • I just need you
  • Me without you
  • Help is on the way 
  • Lights shine bright
  • Lose my soul

8- Tedashii 

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Tedashii Lavoy Anderson is known simply as Tedashii. 

He is an American Christian hip-hop artist and member of the hip-hop troupe, 116 Clique.

However, He also hosted the NGEN Radio show “Serium”. Tedashii has released five solo albums, Kingdom People, Identity Crisis, Blacklight, Below Paradise, and Never Fold on Reach Records. 

Furthermore, Tedashii’s delivery style is characterized by a deep voice that he can manipulate for rapping a wide range of flow schemes and patterns.

Moreover, Tedashii appeared in Family Force 5’s song “Chainsaw” on the remix album Reanimated released in 2013. In 2015, Tedashii appeared on the song “I Have a Dream” for Manafest’s album Reborn.

Best hits include, 

  • Riot 
  • Dum Dum
  • Houston we have a problem 
  • Off Da Hook
  • Born Again

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9- Derek Minor

Derek Minor Rappers that are Christian
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Derek Johnson, Jr., better known by his stage name Derek Minor and former stage name PRo, is an American Christian hip hop artist, record producer, entrepreneur, actor, and screenwriter.

However, He co-founded the hip-hop record label Reflection Music Group (RMG) with Doc Watson and signed to Reach Records in a joint venture between the two labels in 2011. 

Furthermore, In 2012, Johnson announced that he had changed his stage name from Pro to Derek Minor. In 2014, he announced that as his two-album contract with Reach was complete, he would no longer be publishing releases through that label. 

Moreover, Johnson has released six studio albums and six mixtapes as a solo artist, as well as one studio album each with the groups R.M.G. and 116 Clique. 

His second studio album, Redemption, charted at No. 8 on the Billboard Gospel chart and No. 31 on the Billboard Top Christian chart.

Best hits include, 

  • Clean 
  • Who you know
  • Pull up
  • The trap 
  • Powertrip

10- Bizzle

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Mark Julian Felder, more commonly known simply as Bizzle, is an American Christian hip-hop recording artist and entrepreneur.

Furthermore, In January 2010, Bizzle released “You Got Some Explaining to Do” directed toward Jay-Z, calling the rap icon out on his negative references to Jesus and Christianity in his music.

However, The video caused much controversy and generated a buzz that even Bizzle couldn’t anticipate. 

Moreover, Bizzle released his debut album, Tough Love & Parables, on June 21, 2011, which debuted at No. 15 on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart.

Well, It appeared on the iTunes Store swoosh= banner. One of the best rappers that are Christian.

Best hits include,  

  • Dear hip hop
  • Bizzle Bizzle 
  • You know
  • God over money
  • Not for sale 

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11- Black Knight 

Black Knight Rappers that are Christian
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Brandon “Black Knight” Peavy, from Sacramento California, is Cali’s up-and-coming beat-making prodigy, songwriter, and artist.

However, Black Knight is a class of 2010 graduate from Pleasant Grove High School.

Furthermore, Black Knight is recognized as the man of many sounds for his wide variety of music. The development of his well-rounded, yet versatile style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. 

Growing up in a talented musical family meant that different forms of music always surrounded Black Knight. 

Moreover, His father is a musician and skillful key player, and his parents exposed him to a wealth of music as a child, all of which influenced his development. One of the best rappers that are Christian.

Best hits include, 

  • A queen and a dream
  • Castle world
  • Jamal on horseback
  •  in the early morning mist 
  • A medieval Hood
  • Romance in the dark 

12- Thi’sl 

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Travis Tremayne Tyler, better known by the stage name Thi’sl.

He is an American Christian hip-hop producer and songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri. 

Furthermore, In 2007 Thi’sl was signed to the record label X-Hustler where he recorded three studio albums, After This House, I Shall Live, Chronicles of an X-Hustler, and Beautiful Monster.

Later on,  In 2012 he was featured on Lecrae’s album Gravity which won a Grammy award.

Best hits include, 

  • Envy 
  • Take my life
  • La fiesta
  • Celebrate more
  • I ain’t turning back 

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13- Canon 

Canon  Rappers that are Christian
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Aaron McCain, better known by his stage name Canon.

However, He is an American Christian rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Canon is best known for his appearance on Lecrae’s Rehab: The Overdose and his collaboration with Derek Minor then from Reach Records.

Furthermore, Canon also was mentored by Lecrae who then took Canon on the road with him to be his full-time hype-man.

Moreover, After touring with Lecrae, Canon signed with Reflection Music Group and recorded his first EP entitled Loose Canon which was released in 2012.

In 2014, Canon experienced its first taste of success by reaching the Billboard 200 charts with the release of “Loose Canon, Volume 2.

After a near-death accident, he was out for a long time, until 2016 when he released several singles and the third volume of his Loose Canon series.

However, the Best hits include, 

  • Pachelbel’s Canon 
  • D major 
  • D minor 
  • Canon
  • Running as fast as we can 

14- Canton Jones 

Canton Jones
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Canton Dorrelle Jones (born January 9, 1977) is an American Christian musician and Christian hip-hop artist.

However, In 2001, Jones launched his own gospel record label, CAJO International.

He independently released his first album, 2002’s 20 Years, 3 Months & 12 Days, which chronicled his journey to salvation.

Furthermore, He released his second independent album in 2004: The Password and that same year. 

It collaborated with Lil iROCC Williams on Williams’s 2004 debut album and wrote and performed a song, “You and Me”, for the compilation Holy Hip-Hop: Taking the Gospel to the Streets.

Moreover, He released his major-label debut, Love Jones, in mid-2005, which debuted at number 11 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart. 

Therefore,  Following the album’s success, Jones toured the US with over 200 appearances that year.

Later, On February 18, 2014, Jones released an 18-track mixtape, Lust, Drugs, and Gospel in an effort to assist those who have issues related to lust and drugs.

Therefore, Best hits include, 

  • Awesome 
  • Stay saved 
  • 5 seconds
  • I can’t help it 
  • Preacher Man

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15- KJ-52 

KJ-52 Rappers that are Christian
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To begin with, Jonah Kirsten Sorrentino, better known by his stage name KJ-52.

Furthermore, He is a Christian rapper from Tampa, Florida. The “KJ” part of his name refers to his old rap alias, “King J. Mac, a name which he later described in one of his podcasts as “horribly cheesy.

However, “52”, which is pronounced “five-two”, not “fifty-two”, is a reference to the Biblical story of Jesus feeding the multitude with five loaves and two fish.

Which is also sung about in his song “Push Up” from The Yearbook and in the “KJ Five Two” on It’s Pronounced ‘Five Two.

Moreover, He was awarded the Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year for “Never Look Away” and Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards of 2007.

Therefore, Rc On July 28, 2009, KJ-52 released “End of My Rope”, which is the first single for his album Five-Two Television.

Therefore, Best hits include, 

  • Dream slim
  • KJ Five Two
  • More of you less of me
  • Do yo Thang
  • They like me 
  • God
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