15 Best Ritviz Songs You Must Listen

Best Ritviz Songs
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Hello folks, hope you are well. Are you looking for the best Ritviz songs? and can’t find it? so, don’t worry, In this article, I am about to present to you the best Ritviz songs you must listen to.

As we all know, Ritviz Srivastava is a famous Indian singer, and EDM musician, born on 24 July 1996. Best known for his music “Udd Gaye” featured on A.I.B.’s official YouTube channel. He has been selected for the Forbes India 30 Under 30 list of 2021, and also featured on one of the digital covers of the Grazia India Cool List 2021.

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15 Best Ritviz Songs You Must Listen

1 – Ritviz – Liggi

The Music video had released on 23rd December 2019, directed by Dar Gai and produced by Dheer Momaya and Sakshi Khanna.

The lyric come up, “Ab Toh aayeja aayeja / Humko lejayeja aayeja / Ab Toh aayeja aayeja / Humko lejayeja.”

2 – Sage

The track was written, composed, produced, and performed by Ritviz. Sage is one of the most famous tracks released on Jun 30, 2019. The music video for “Sage” features Kushal Shah and Aisha Ahmed & directed by Dar Gai.

He singes, “Dil ki dhadkan se toh aaye jaana / Humri sab sab ki.. ho jaaye ya an / Bistar adhoori toh kaise soye jaana / Bistar adhoori… lo lo lori sunana.”

3 – Jeet

The music video is directed by Bibartan Ghosh and performed by Rytasha Rathore, Dimple Paul, and Veronica Vanij.

The vocals come up, “Bahki sabhi jubaan hai / Hum hai hazaro mein / Aab ki kami jara hai / Har cheej khaas hai / Aab hai jo hai wo sama hai / Tum reh saki toh rawan hai / Aab hai jo hai wo sama hai / Tum reh sake”

4 – Ritviz – Udd Gaye

The track is one of the popular tracks that appeared on his Album ‘Ved’ and released in 2019. The song is a fusion of electronic music.

He sings, “Hum toh hogaye zama / Dheere dheere tha lamha / Ab toh hona hai wahi / Jo banaye jannah.”

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5 – Baaraat Ft. Nucliya

The track marks the 4th track from RITVIZ & Nucleya’s 8-track album BAARAAT!! It is performed, composed & produced by Ritviz & Nucleya, lyrics are given by Anvita Bharti, additional production by Karan Kanchan, & mixed & mastered by Hanish Taneja.

He sings, “Ab tore aas paas aa rahi baraat / Kar na inkaar baar baar de na saath / Oye oye oh / Jo gaaye dil merapar tum sun na paaye / Humri baat / Oye oye oo / Churaake dil tera / Hum Door bhaage / Tere bina.”

6 – Chalo Chalein Ft. Seedhe Maut

It is directed by Ritvick, & Produced by Nupur Nijhawan. The track appeared on his Album ‘Dev’ which was released in 2021. It is one of the popular best Ritviz songs ever. To let go of your inhibitions, and enable your dreams, Chalo Chalein is all about dancing to the rhythm of your heart and Doing what really moves you! It was fun collaborating with these phenomenal artists! A huge Shout out to these lovely dancers.

7 – Ritviz – Roz

The 26 years old rapper teamed up with Nucleya and released the track, ‘Roz.’ The track marks 3rd track from NUCLEYA & Ritviz’s 8 track from the album BAARAAT!

The vocals come up, “Sajjan re paas toh aana / Na kabhi mujhe chod ke jaana / O mere tu ashiq rehna / Ashiq rehna / Tu mera roz / Come a little close / Tu mera roz / Come a little close.”

8 – Ritviz – Barso

The track is a Hindi song from the album Ved, released on 20 Dec 2018. composed-penned by Sanjay Sinha. Music video directed by Shubham Sharma.

He sings, “Barso, barso baadal / Tumhari raah sab tak rahe / Barso, barso baadal / Tumhari raah sab tak rahe / Baadal garja, Paani barsha / Nadiya machli chali-chali / Baadal garja, Paani barsha / Nadiya machli chali-chali.”

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9 – Ari Ari Ft. Nucleya

Nucleya & Ritviz’s track “Ari Ari,” released on 25th Aug 2021. It is 2nd track from Ritviz’s album BAARAAT!!. Additional programmer by Karan Kanchan, mixed & mastered by Hanish Taneja.

The vocals come up, “Mere ranjhana batade na… / Oh mere ranjhe batade / Meri gadbadi / Kar le mukhbari / Na kar jorajori / Aisi preet meri / Hai nigori chulbuli / Kare jo jhakjori / Kyon na”

10 – Pran

Indian EDM record producer released the track “Pran” on 30 July 2021. It marks the 5th track from his upcoming album “DEV!.”

The producer said about the track, “It feels so great to say, we didn’t leave anything out! Both these albums have been such a natural process, and we’ve all beautifully gravitated toward every song that we’ve written together. It’s almost as if we had to stop ourselves and say, ‘We need to either stop or just start a second album right here!’”

11 – Ritviz – Khamoshi

The track “Khamoshi” Ft. Karan Kanchan released on 10th July 2021. It track is 6th track taken from his upcoming album DEV!. Directed by Pranit Sahni, & written by Dar Gai.

The track is performed, composed, and produced by Ritviz & Karan Kanchan, lyrics are given by Encore (Seedhe Maut), Session Guitars by Bily (Bibhash Buragohain), and Mixed & Mastered by Hanish Taneja.

12 – Raahi

The EDM artist released a new collaboration track called ‘Raahi‘ associated with Tinder(Online Dating Application) from the album Dev. The track is the anthem to support LGBTQA+ Pride and aims to drum up solidarity and support digitally.

13 – Thandi Hawa

The track Thandi Hawa is Written, Composed, Produced, and Performed by him. The visual video team of Thandi Hawa is Wolves, Aditya Singh Thakur, and Dipraj Jadhav. The amazing artwork is designed by Santanu Hazarika.

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14 – Ved

The track VED marks the 3rd single from my debut album – VED!. This SONG is the easiest way to travel between different dimensions.

15 – Jeet 2.0

He sings in this track, “Behki sabhi zubaan hai / Hum hain hazaron mein / Ab ki kami zara hai / Har cheez khaas hai / Ab hai jo hai woh sama hai / Tum reh saki to raba hai / Ab hai jo hai woh sama hai / Tum reh sake.”