12 Best Salsa Songs You Must Listen

Best Salsa Songs
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So, today I will share with you the best salsa songs of all time. But before let’s know more about the genre. Salsa is a diverse musical genre, mainly Hispanic-Caribbean, that is very popular among Latin Americans in Latin America and abroad. Salsa incorporates many styles and variations.

The term can be used to describe the most popular genres derived from Cuba, such as the cha-cha and the mambo. However, more specifically, salsa refers to a specific style developed in the 1960s and 1970s from Cuba and Puerto Rico to the New York City area and romantic salsa in the 1980s and other descendant styles. This style now spreads throughout Latin America and abroad; in some countries, it can be called tropical music.

Salsa’s close relatives are Cuban Mambo and the early 20th-century sub-orchestra, as well as Latin jazz. The terms Latin jazz and salsa are sometimes used interchangeably; many musicians consider themselves part of one or both fields, especially performers before the 1970s. The
Salsa style originated in Cuba, but it is also a mix of Puerto Rico and other Latin styles, mixing pop, jazz, rock, and R&B.

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So, here comes my top pick for the 12 best salsa songs you must listen

12. “Llorarás” – Oscar D’Leon

Oscar D`Leon or “Lion of Salsa” is Venezuela’s best salsa singer. And also one of the best singers of this genre, and his brief but powerful “Llorarás” is a revelation of his strength in this genre.

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11. “Dile a Ella” – Victor Manuelle

One of the best salsa songs of the 90s. With Victor singing, it is no doubt that the song is beautiful. One of the best salsa songs ever.

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10. “Sonido Bestial” – Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz

This track by the legendary salsa pair Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz is one of the most creative fragments ever recorded in the genre’s history.

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9. “Toro Mata” – Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco

Celia Cruz was transformed into a Cuban singer and “Queen of Salsa” in New York City after getting signed to Fania Records. Also, like her many other song recordings, her version of “Toro Mata” is a different hit.

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8. “Yambeque” – La Sonora Ponceña

The amazing percussion solo in the middle and the lyrics that depict the beauty of people dancing in the song show that “Yambeque” was created to interest the listener. Also, you won’t want to miss out on your chance to dance to the beat of this sweet little track.

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7. “La Rebelión” – Joe Arroyo

The great Colombian protest song of 1986 by Joe Arroyo, continues to resonate on dance floors throughout Latin America as a history lesson was taught by Afro-Latin percussions and resonated by travelling trumpet and piano solos.

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6. “P’a Bravo Yo” – Justo Betancourt

If there’s one song that does everything salsa does, it’s “P’a Bravo Yo”. Featuring the beautiful vocals of Cuban Singer Justo Betancourt,”P’a Bravo Yo” is a blast from start to finish.

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5. “Vivir Mi Vida” – Marc Anthony

Life isn’t always easy, but in this song, you’ll enjoy the incredible rhythm of salsa music while being painless and inspiring to think about happiness. Plus, the official video of this song has a monologue at the beginning to help you practice Spanish.

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4. “Conciencia” – Gilberto Santa Rosa

Modern salsa tends to be quite different from older classics, but there are artists who still retain the original taste of the rhythm. One of them is Gilberto Santa Rosa. One of the best salsa songs ever.

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3. “Periódico de Ayer” – Hector Lavoe

As a legend, he has given many hit songs but this song brings back the 70s. So, this song was picked for the list. One of the best salsa songs ever.

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2. “El Raton” – Joe Cuba Sextet & Cheo Feliciano

A symbolic song of salsa music and one of Joe Cuba’s greatest hits, “El Raton” provides a soft piano introduction that breathes a mysterious atmosphere into the melody, which creates a piece of blissful music.

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1. “Pedro Navaja” – Rubén Blades

This single was released along with the mythical album “Siembra”, a musical work recorded by Willie Colón and Ruben Blades, which eventually became one of the indispensable albums of Latin music.

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So, this concludes my list of the top 12 Best salsa songs of all-time