20 Best Troll Characters You Must Know

best trolls characters
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To all reading this, hi. How are you doing these days? Today’s topic of discussion is Troll Characters. Do you know why people absolutely loved trolls? To begin with, it has very colorful and appealing Aesthetics. 

This implies that The eye-catching visuals create an immediate sense of joy and wonder, which appeals to both children and adults alike.

In addition to this, the movie has positive and Uplifting Themes. This means Trolls promote positive messages such as friendship, love, and self-acceptance. However, These themes resonate with audiences and inspire feelings of optimism and happiness. 

Furthermore, the movie is also known for its infectious and catchy music, including original songs and popular covers. Moving on the troll characters brings humor and wit to the movie. Although, no doubt that the characters are Diverse and Memorable. 

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Overall, it’s a beautiful piece of Family-Friendly Entertainment. Hence, let’s dive together into the list of Trolls characters. 

1- Poppy

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Poppy is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the animated movie franchise “Trolls”. However, Poppy is the queen of the trolls and is fiercely dedicated to protecting her fellow trolls from the evil Bergens. 

It is primarily because They believe that eating a troll will bring them happiness. Furthermore, Throughout the franchise, Poppy faces numerous challenges. 

Nevertheless, she always manages to come out on top with the help of her friends and her unwavering spirit.

2- King Trollex

King Trollex
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King Trollex is a fictional character from the animated movie franchise “Trolls”. He is a techno-loving troll with an upbeat personality and a talent for mixing music. 

He is a beloved character and an important figure in the story of the trolls. However, he is known for his love of electronic dance music (EDM) and his ability to create amazing remixes on his turntables. 

In addition to this, Throughout the “Trolls” franchise, King Peppy plays an important role in guiding Poppy and the other trolls through their adventures. 

3- King Gristle

King Gristle
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King Gristle He is a large, purple-colored Bergen, who is the leader of the Bergens, the antagonists in the franchise. I find this character quite complex. 

However, As the leader of the Bergens, King Gristle believes that eating a troll is the only way for his people to experience happiness. 

Furthermore, King Gristle’s character undergoes significant growth throughout the franchise, as he learns to become more open-minded and compassionate toward others. 

4- King Peppy 

King Peppy
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King Peppy is a wise and heroic troll, who is also the father of the main protagonist, Poppy. However, King Peppy was the leader of the trolls during the dark time when they were hunted and captured by Bergen. 

Furthermore, speaking of his persona, He is a source of wisdom and guidance, and his experience and knowledge are invaluable in their fight against their enemies.

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5- Smidge

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Smidge is a fictional character from the animated movie franchise “Trolls”. Despite her small size, Smidge is a force to be reckoned with and often surprises her friends and enemies alike with her abilities. 

However, She is a loyal friend and an important member of the troll community. Her determination and resilience in the face of challenges make her a source of inspiration and motivation for viewers of all ages.

6- DJ Suki

DJ Suki
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DJ Suki is a Troll character from the DreamWorks animated film “Trolls.” She is a music-loving, beat-dropping Troll with hot pink hair and a funky personality to match. 

However, I personally find her cute and funny as well. Well, her love of music is infectious, and her positive energy and enthusiasm are a constant source of inspiration for her fellow Trolls. 

In addition to this, she is also a fiercely loyal friend who will go to great lengths to protect those she loves. 

7- Legsly

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Legsly is a Troll character from the DreamWorks animated film “Trolls.” However,  She has orange hair held in pigtails with flecks of tinsel in it, isn’t it funny? She has the ability to change the length of her legs and is free to go from short to tall. 

In addition to this, speaking of her appearance, She wears green overalls with a light green flower on the front. 

 She also wears a rainbow pearl anklet on her right foot with bells on it. You will always see her as a happy person roaming around with positive vibes. She is very much into pop music. 

8- Grandma Rosiepuff

Grandma Rosiepuff
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Grandma Rosiepuff is a character from the DreamWorks animated film “Trolls.” She is an elderly Troll with a kind and gentle nature. 

However, she is known for her baking skills and her love of hugs. She is a beloved character. 

Well, she is a lot more than just a talented baker. She is also a wise and caring soul who serves as a source of comfort and support for the other Trolls. Although, her hugs are magical. 

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9- Prince D

Prince D
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Prince Darnell is a character from “Trolls World Tour”, and is loved ardently. 

Well, He is a smooth-talking and charismatic Funk Troll. He has a passion for music and a desire to unite all the Troll tribes through the power of music. 

Furthermore, He is a natural leader, with the charisma and charm to win over even the most stubborn Trolls, and his passion for music is contagious.

10- Valentina Dangerskull Thundershock

Valentina Dangerskull Thundershock
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Valentina Dangerskull Thundershock is a beautiful character from Trolls. However, she is a tough and daring Troll with a fierce attitude, who enjoys danger and thrills.

Furthermore, Valentina, or Val for short, is a Rock Troll with a bold and rebellious spirit. Valentina’s tough exterior hides a caring heart, and she is a loyal friend to those who earn her respect. 

However, She has a soft spot for her best friend, Branch, and is always ready to help him when he needs it.

11- Thrash

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Thrash is a fierce and rebellious Rock Troll with a passion for music and a desire to prove that rock music is the superior genre.

However, Thrash is the lead guitarist of the rock band, “Hard Rock Trolls,” and he takes his music very seriously. Apart from this, he is extremely fond of his bandmate named Queen Barb.

 He is always ready to do whatever it takes to help her achieve her goal of destroying all other forms of music. Don’t you agree that we all deserve such friends in our lives as well?

12- Moxie Dewdrop

Moxie Dewdrop
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Moxie Dewdrop is a mischievous and cunning troll who dwells in the darkest corners of the forest. Despite her rough exterior, Moxie is known for her silver tongue and quick wit. 

Furthermore, Moxie is also fiercely independent, refusing to be bound by any laws or rules but her own. 

In addition to this, She has little patience for authority figures or anyone who tries to tell her what to do. It is primarily because she loves to act as per her will. Overall, Moxie Dewdrop is a complex and unpredictable character. 

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13- Barb

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Barb is a formidable troll who towers over most others of her kind. Despite her fearsome appearance, Barb is a gentle soul at heart. 

However, She loves spending her days tending to the plants and animals in the forest, nurturing them, and watching them grow. 

Barb is also fiercely loyal to her friends and family. She will go to great lengths to protect those she cares about, even if it means putting herself in harm’s way. She is extremely determined as well. Don’t we deserve such a friend?

14- Dad Cloud

Dad Cloud
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Dad Cloud is a wise and elderly troll, who has seen many years pass by in the forest. However, He is known for his tall and thin stature, which is covered in wispy white hair that seems to float around him like a cloud. 

Apart from this, Dad Cloud is also a gifted storyteller and can’t keep his morals and ethics aside for anyone. 

15- Lownote Jones

Lownote Jones
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Lownote Jones is a troll who marches to the beat of his own drum. However, Low Note is a talented musician and loves to entertain his fellow trolls with his catchy tunes and clever lyrics. 

Furthermore, Lownote can also be impulsive and reckless at times, following his own whims and desires without considering the consequences. Overall, Lownote Jones is a dynamic and charismatic character.

The ironic part about him is that Those who cross his path should be prepared for a wild and unpredictable ride, full of music, mischief, and social justice.

16- Dante Crescendo

Dante Crescendo
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 Dante Crescendo is one of the cutest troll characters. However, He is the ambassador of the Classical Troll Tribe in TrollsTopia. 

Furthermore, Dante Crescendo is a prim, proper, and posh Troll who can be a little uptight and stuffy, but is pretty much a kind and friendly gentleman. 

In addition to this, he often seeks the approval of others. The lower part of his hair is tied into a small ponytail and he wears a black coat with white borders. 

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17- Holly Darlin

Holly Darlin
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Holly has bright green skin and wild, spiky hair that matches her energetic and unpredictable personality. 

However, She is known for her quick wit and sharp tongue, often using clever remarks to mock or irritate her opponents. 

Despite her tendency to cause trouble, Holly is not inherently malicious and can be swayed by acts of kindness or generosity. Furthermore, Overall, Holly Darlin is a colorful and dynamic character who adds a spark of unpredictability to any story or setting.

18- Bibbly 

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Bibly has a hulking and muscular build, with thick, matted hair covering his body and a heavy brow that gives him a perpetually scowling expression. 

However, He is known for his immense strength and toughness and is often hired by other trolls or creatures as a mercenary or bodyguard.

Furthermore, Bibly is fiercely protective of his collection and will not hesitate to use force against anyone who tries to steal from him.

19- Cloud Guy

Cloud Guy
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Cloud Guy is a character that is not typically portrayed as a troll himself, but rather as a small, fluffy, and whimsical cloud creature. 

However, Cloud Guy is a white fluffy Cloud with lavender eyelids, black pupils, and long blue limbs. The only clothing that he wears is white socks with 2 orange stripes on them. 

20- King Quincy

King Quincy
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King Quincy is a regal and imposing troll who rules over a powerful kingdom. King Quincy has a massive frame and a thick, bushy beard, which he grooms meticulously to maintain his majestic appearance.

However, King Quincy is a shrewd negotiator and skilled politician, using his wit and charm to secure alliances and outmaneuver his enemies. 

Furthermore,  He is a respected and feared leader, with a loyal army of trolls and other creatures at his command. Speaking of his appearance, King Quincy has a massive frame and a thick, bushy beard, which he grooms meticulously to maintain his majestic appearance.