20 Best Cartoon Duck Characters Of All Time

Cartoon Duck Characters
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Hey guys! Do you remember the iconic duck characters? Of course, you do. How could we forget the famous cartoon ducks like Donald Duck, McScrooge, and Count Duckula?

If you didn’t remember the best thing about them then no need to worry. Here we are presenting the list of some of the best cartoon ducks. You will get to know a bit more. They have ruled the hearts for a long time. Be it comics, Tv series, or movies, these cute characters always adored us. Isn’t it?

What seems more interesting about these ducks to you? Well, I like their talking style a lot. Let’s know more about them. We have included the 20 most famous Cartoon Duck Characters in the list. Check it out.

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1- Donald Duck:

Cartoon Ducks: Donald Ducks

The first on the list is Walt Disney’s famous character Donald Duck. The character has earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It appeared in various cartoons, comic books, and films.

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2- Morgana Macawber:

Morgana Macawber

Morgana Macawber is one of the popular Cartoon Duck Characters from the TV show Darkwing Duck. Actually, she is an evil sorceress and the love interest of Darkwing.

3- Plucky Duck:

Cartoon Ducks: Plucky Duck

Plucky Duck is a pre-teen duck character from Tiny Toon Adventures. He first appeared in The Looney Beginning. His mentor is Daffy Duck and he also looks similar to him.

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4- Negaduck:


Negaduck is the negative half of the Darkwing Duck. He is an evil person who can do anything with anyone if someone crosses his way. Jim-Cummings gave his voice to the villainous character.

5- Flintheart Glomgold:

Cartoon Ducks: Flintheart Glomgold

Flintheart Glomgold is one of the renowned Cartoon Duck Characters. The character made his debut with The Second Richest Duck comic book. He is actually a compeer of McDuck Scrooge.

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6- Wade Duck:

Wade Duck

The next character in our list is the tritagonist Wade Duck who appeared first in Wanted Wade. He is a pessimistic and coward duck. In fact, he wears a blue-pink lifebuoy that has a miniature head exactly like him.

7- Magica De Spell:

Cartoon Ducks: Magica De Spell

Carl Barks created the character Magica De Spell in 1961. She is an enchantress who wants to get Number One Dime. Her purple eyeshadow and black dress suit her villainous personality.

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8- Della Duck:

Della Duck

Della Duck is the niece of Scrooge McDuck. She loves to go on adventures with her family. She wears a bomber jacket, brown pants, blue scarf along with an aviator hat. Moreover, Della is the twin sister of Donald Duck.

9- Scrooge McDuck:

Cartoon Ducks: Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is a Pekin Duck. He first appeared in the comics Christmas On Bear Mountain. He is the maternal uncle of Della and Donald Duck. Scrooge is one of the most popular cartoon duck characters.

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10- Huey Duck:

Huey Duck

Another duck on the list is Huey Duck. He is the son of Della Duck and the brother of Louie and Dewey. He is the most intelligent among the triplets. Huey wears a red shirt and cap.

11- Drake Mallard:

Cartoon Ducks: Drake Mallard

You might be thinking why it’s called Mallard. Actually, Mallard is a kind of wild duck with a green head and white collar. Drake made his debut with The Dark Knight Returns.

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12- Webby VanderQuack:

Webby Vanderquack

Webby VandrQuack is a cute little duckling. She is an animal lover. Webby appeared in various shows, films, and video games also. She always carries her Quacky patch doll with her.

13- Daffy Duck:

Cartoon Ducks: Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck is a black duck that appeared in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. He is the opponent and sometimes friend of Bugs Bunny. TV Guide listed him in its “Top 50 Best Cartoon Characters” list at 14th position.

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14- Count Duckula:

Count Duckula

Count Duckula is considered to be one of the renowned cartoon ducks. He is a vegetarian vampire duck. Duckula loves broccoli sandwiches. He is the main protagonist of Count Duckula.

15- Louie Duck:

Cartoon Ducks: Louie Duck

One of the protagonists of Duck Tales(2017), Louie Duck is the youngest son of Della Duck. He wears a green shirt and hat. Bobby Moynihan gave his voice to the character.

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16- Ludwig Von Drake:

Ludwig Von Drake

Ludwig Von Drake is the paternal uncle of Donald Duck. He is a professor, scientist, and psychiatrist. He used to do research and inventions for the sake of other beings.

17- Dewey Duck:

Cartoon Ducks: Dewey Duck

Dewey Duck is a daring adventure lover. He wears a blue shirt and a blue hat. Dewey, Huey, and Louie make a perfect trio of brothers. Dewey likes his great uncle “Scrooge” a lot and wants to become like him.

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18- Launchpad McQuack:

Launchpad McQuack

Launchpad McQuack works for Scrooge McDuck. He is a courageous guy. But he gets easily distracted even while driving the plane. McQuack appeared as the main character in the DuckTales reboot series.

19- Daisy Duck:

Cartoon Ducks: Daisy Duck

Carl Barks designed the beautiful Daisy cartoon duck characters in 1937. Daisy has appeared in several films and direct-to-video movies like The Three Musketeers, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, etc.

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20- Gizmoduck:


Gizmoduck or Fenton Crackshell is a chief security guard appointed for Money Bin. He is excellent at counting. Only Scrooge McDuck and Mrs. Crackshell know that Fenton and Gizmoduck are the same.