20 Most Famous Painters In The World

Famous Painters
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Hey there readers! Do you have a keen interest in arts and paintings? Well, today’s article is about famous painters around the world. Speaking of famous painters we are going to discuss their life and a lot more about their famous paintings. 

However, do you know why paintings are being loved and appreciated so much and cost millions?

Well, If I speak honestly then Some paintings are so ridiculously expensive and it drives people crazy to buy them from famous painters.

Famous painters and their paintings are valued so much because of the following reasons : 

  • Original Artwork
  • Deceased Painters
  • Long process
  • Art representatives
  • Size 
  • Unconventional artwork
  • Medium 
  • Association with a famous art gallery 
  • Art collectors
  • Status symbol 

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In addition to this, We are going to discuss all this in detail below. Apart from this, I would like you to know about some characteristics of famous painters. 

  • The ability to see 
  • The ability to draw what you see 
  • The ability to yourself and your work
  • Persistence, patience, passion 
  • A sense of adventure 
  • Discipline 

Moreover, let’s spot some light on the positive side of being a painter, famous painters will agree on this. 

  • Painting fosters creative growth 
  • Painting strengthens memory
  • Builds problem-solving and motor skills 
  • Painting provides stress relief 
  • Promotes an optimistic attitude 
  • Painting nurtures emotional growth 

And a lot more when it comes to famous painters. 

“The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting.” — Vincent Van Gogh

Alright, let’s proceed with the article’s topic “Famous painters” This article includes a list of 20 famous painters. Hence, without any further ado let’s dive straight into the list. 

Famous painters around the globe:

1- Vincent van Gogh

Who doesn’t know that this famous painter was a Dutch post-impressionist artist? An artist whose paintings are amongst the most popular and recognizable in history. 

Famous painters Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh has mastery at capturing moments in time, he is indeed the epitome of a true painter. He has given paintings that have set examples for other painters. 

Although, tell me one thing, will you be happy if your work is not recognized till the time you are alive? Obviously not. And here the same thing happened with Vincent. Yes, his work was only recognized at the end of his life. 

This genius man committed suicide because he was not finding himself in a position in order to overcome his crises. Apart from this, he was not earning a single penny for his masterpieces. 

I would like to mention that not only Van Gogh left the world with the wonderful gift of his visionary paintings, nevertheless also his letters which he has given to his elder brother Theo. 

However, Vincent was a fighter, yes! He fights his own battles. This man faced rejection, indifference, and a lot more. He also went to the level of self-harm to achieve his goals in art and life. He was a gem in real terms. 

Famous paintings: starry night, self-portrait, sunflowers, cafe terrace at night. 

2- Paul Gauguin

Mr. Paul is a globally known, successful French Artist. He introduced a new form of painting known as Symbolism. 

Paul Gauguin

Apart from this, he mastered impressionist methods for explaining the wonderful experience of nature. Later, he got engaged in observing the religious communities in rural Brittany. 

One thing that I really appreciate about this painter is his observance. He has given beautiful pieces of paintings which depict the knowledge of philosophical meditation along with how one should live close to nature. 

Famous paintings: The Little One Is Dreaming, Landscape near Arles, Blue Trees [Your Turn Will Come, My Beauty!]

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3- Claude Monet

Monet was born in Paris. He is now known for his amazing artwork. He was a quick learner. This genius practiced his art daily and became a master of it. 

Claude learned to play with vibrant colors which have now been recognized through his paintings. 

Claude Monet

How about spotting some light on his characters as a painter? 

  • He was a skilled caricaturist. 
  • He had the ability to capture light in dramatic landscapes. 
  • He created 250 water Lillies paintings in thirty years. 

Like Vincent, Monet also attempted suicide, but he got saved. He faced depression because of which he tried to kill himself. 

Famous paintings : La Grenouillère, Rouen Cathedral, Facade (Sunset), 

4- Edouard Manet

Manet was known to be a French modernist painter. Why did he get famous? Because of his idea of replacing historical topics with the banality of daily life. 

His life has been very interesting, Although Edouard has also faced hardships in his life because of his poor health. He was very secretive about his personal life. We only know about his future wife who was his family piano teacher. 

Edouard Manet Famous painters

Also, do you know what made his artwork very unique? It is his daily struggle against pain. This painter was only 18 when he started developing his interest in arts. 

Later, over a few years, he visited several countries in order to gather inspiration for his artwork. 

Do you know what his style of painting was? Well, he liked to paint everyday people doing everyday activities. He got inspired by the streets of Paris. 

Also, he painted beggars, singers, businessmen, common people, and whatnot. As I mentioned earlier, his artwork was completely based on realism and nothing else. 

Famous paintings: The Luncheon on the Grass, 1863, Olympia, 1863, Bullfight, 1865–1866. 

5- The Paul Cézanne

This artist is one of the favorites of many art lovers around the globe. This gentleman painted throughout his life. He was so devoted to his passion for painting till his last breath. 

Which is why he is often called the “greatest of us all”. Let me tell you what his paintings are made of. It is made of parallel planes of color that have the ability to look like a traditional perspective. 

The Paul Cézanne

Ultimately, he changed the relationship of art with the physical world. He was a stranger to himself in his arts. 

He is known to be the godfather of modernism. 

Famous paintings: The bathers, The card players series, Jug Curtain, and fruit Bowl. 

6- Auguste Renoir

Renoir’s Artwork is bound to draw applause. He is known for his Impressionism movement. This man also exhibited many different artists’ talents. Although, he is well-known for the globally searched sensual nudes and scenes of beautiful women. 

Auguste Renoir

He was a well-experienced person, who used his knowledge and thoughts to represent art only. It was more like a good gift to him.  I would like to mention, that he has used his wife as a model in many of his artworks. 


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7- Pablo Picasso

Now this artist is absolutely the one who ruled the first half of the 20th century to take his artistic masterpieces. One special thing about him was that he never considered himself as an artist, in fact, he considers himself beyond that.

Pablo Picasso Famous painters

He introduced collage and made significant contributions to symbolism and surrealism. 

He ended up being a very successful painter in his life. 


8- Edgar Degas

Speaking of how this painter came up with the idea of changing the history of art was intriguing in itself. 

Edgar Degas

Okay, what he might have done? Well, he came up with the idea of drawing the women who are drying themselves with towels, making their hair, and bathing also. 

Those paintings used to be so fantasizing. He was very real, his paintings depicted that trait of realism. However, He didn’t follow anyone other than following his heart. He has created a plethora of artworks till yet. 


9- Leonardo da Vinci

This artist was an engineer also. He is known for his notable best paintings. The painting which became the talk of the town was “ Mona Lisa”. His knowledge of designs, art, cartography, geology, and studies was commendable. 

Leonardo da Vinci

Do you know that his designs have helped us to invent several things? Yes! Do you want me to name those? Okay! Start counting. “ Tank, parachute, helicopter” and a lot more my folk. 

Do I need to tell you that most of his paintings and pictures are in art galleries and museums? Well, he also has made several maps of different – different places. 

However, He was only afraid of one thing: that people might steal his ideas. So he was careful about that thing throughout his life. 

Famous paintings: Mona Lisa, Last Supper, Vitruvian Man, Self Portrait. 

10- Rembrandt

He is popularly known for being the greatest etcher of all time. 

Speaking of his major achievements, includes the portraits of his contemporaries, biblical scenes, self-portraits, and illustrations. 


Well, there are some of his major contributions to mankind that can never be overstated.

This includes the over 300 etchings, engravings, and dry points he created throughout his career. What’s the point of doing this?

Well., this has enabled us to influence the generation of printmakers for the many many years to come.. 

Famous paintings: The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, Bathsheba at Her Bath. 

11- Sandro Botticelli

He perhaps is the greatest of all amazing Humanist painters we can ever think of. Why am I saying this? Because, his paintings represent the idea of how one can express the ethos of art, philosophy, and literature. 

Sandro Botticelli Famous painters

Throughout his career, he was offered as much money as he wanted in order to paint different subjects. However, he always followed his heart and remained loyal and honest in his work. 

In addition, he bridged the gap b/w the Medieval Gothic Style of painting and emerging humanist realism. 

Famous paintings: The birth of venus, Primavera, Adoration of the Magi, The mystical nativity. 

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12- Peter Paul Rubens

The main reason why his paintings are famous is that he has a different approach to his painting’s topics. His topics are usually sensitive and one can not hold emotions after watching them. 

Peter Paul Rubens

What are those subjects? It’s his inventive and dynamic paintings of religious and mythological subjects. Later, he also came across painting portraits and landscapes. To my knowledge, he is a famous painter of the 17th – century. 

Famous paintings: The Massacre of the Innocents, The Horrors of War, The Judgement of Paris

13- Michaelangelo

Now this man is a paragon of being multi-talented and managing everything with perfection. He was a sculptor, painter, and architect. 


Do you know what he reflects through his work? Well, it’s the mixture of psychological insight, physical realism, and the kind of intensity that is rarely seen anywhere else. 

Famous paintings: The Sistine Chapel Ceiling, David, Madonna of Bruges

14- Francisco Goya

I really like his name. So, Mr. Goya is one of the greatest painters and printmakers of the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Europe. 

Francisco Goya

“Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels” – Goya 

He has earned his unique position in the history of western art. Yes, he also was a great observer. He used to observe every single thing that happened around him. He was a keen learner and had a quick wit. 

His paintings have the power to depict the Royalty of the royals. He is famous for his achievements in etching and aquatint. 

Women are always the epicenter of his paintings. Although, it is been said that his late paintings are among the darkest and most mysterious of his creations. 


15- Gustave Courbet

“Fine art is knowledge made visible” – Gustave Courbet. He has given birth to modern art. People often consider him as the father of the politically- motivated realism movement. 

Gustave Courbet Famous painters

Well, he is one of the finest globally known French painters of all time.

One thing that I personally believe is that in order to become successful, the artist should not only know the brushwork and color choices, but also they should know the subject matter well. 

This enables them to represent the idea behind the painting with the right approach and this is how the artwork should be. 

Famous paintings: The Desperate Man, A Burial at Ornans. 

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16- Salvador Dali

Salvador is famous for dealing with finding out the possibilities of the unconscious mind. Although, he was one of the important members of the surrealist movement. 

Do you know about the term subconscious imagery? He was the painter who dealt with this term and explored it also. 

Salvador Dali

His early life started out in a bizarre way because his parents had lost their first son a year prior and strongly believed that Salvador was the first son reincarnated. 

Famous paintings: The persistence of memory, swans reflecting elephants, soft construction with boiled beans. 

17- Pieter Bruegel

Pieter Brueghel was born in the Netherlands. Talking about his early life, historians don’t know much about it. Despite knowing about his early career as a painter. 

He is the greatest Dutch painter. However, he started out as an Apprentice. It’s more like internships in today’s modern terms.

Pieter Bruegel

At the age of 25 or 26, he shifted to Italy. It is the place where so many have been born. He started working there as an artist. It was the peak time of his career. 

Although he eventually started falling in love with his passion for arts. As a result, other famous artists started recognizing his artworks. 

Later, he worked with several painters and learned so much from them. After this, his success held his hands forever. 

Famous paintings: The Triumph of Death (1562), The Tower of Babel (1563), and The Fall of the Rebel Angels (1562). 

18- Grant Wood

People who love this popular painter often call him their savior of American art. He was a legend. He rose in his artwork following the development of regionalism. 

Grant Wood Famous painters

In addition to this, when the name of grant wood pops into anyone’s head, they recall his farmland, traditional Americana, American gothic, etc. 

This gentleman was full of talent and indeed he was a great observant also. He was very clear about his thoughts and portrayed them through his phenomenal artwork. 

Well, he also gave the midwestern artists a voice to showcase their viewpoints. 

Famous paintings: American Gothic, Spring In Town, Stone city ( Lowa ). 

19- James Mcneill Whistler

James Mcneill Whistler

This artist has a unique key feature in his respective artwork. He is widely known for painting full-length portraits, and for his undoubtedly amazing etchings, and lithographs. 

He is the man behind introducing modern French painting into England. James was fascinated with the beauty of Paris. 

Later, he visited several countries in order to gain experience and find inspiration for his artwork. 

Famous paintings: Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl, Harmony in Blue, and Silver: Trouville. 

20- Henri Matisse

He has struggled a lot in his life. He was a single parent for his three children. Apart from this, he faced a financial crisis, it was difficult for him to raise his children with ease. 

Henri Matisse

Although, he was very dedicated to his artwork. Do you know what I feel? It’s more like the more pain or hardships a painter’s faces, the more he can do better in his artwork. 

People often gather inspiration from their past or present hardships, this inspires them to make a great paintings. That painting in itself is enough in order to explain what message the artist wants to convey. 

Matisse was soon known as the Fauvists’ leader in the press, called “chief Fauve” by Louis Vauxcelles and other critics. 

Furthermore, after his major surgery in 1941, he was confined to a wheelchair. On November 3, 1954, Matisse died of a heart attack. 

Famous paintings: Dance, the joy of life, The red studio.