12 Most Famous Bleach Characters Of All Time

Bleach characters
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Hey my dear friends, how are you guys doing? Today we are going to discuss a very intriguing topic. The topic is about the Bleach Characters.  

Do you know anything about bleach Characters? Well, if no, then don’t worry. This article comprises a list of 12 famous Bleach characters of all time. 

However, let’s first know what these bleach characters are about. 

Furthermore, Bleach is the anime version of manga writer Tite Kubo’s book series of the same name. 

The most famous Bleach characters include Ichigo Kurosaki, Origami Inoue, and more!

Moreover, Bleach tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, who becomes a Soul Reaper after Rukia Kuchiki loses a battle to a powerful Hollow. 

Let’s Check out the best major and minor Bleach characters below. So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the list of bleach characters. 

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1- Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach characters
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Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

However,  He is the main protagonist of the series, who receives Soul Reaper powers after befriending Rukia Kuchiki, the Soul Reaper assigned to patrol around the fictional city of Karakura Town. 

Furthermore, These powers come at the cost of Rukia’s own, and as a result, Ichigo cedes to work as Rukia’s stand-in, fighting to protect people from evil spirits called Hollows and sending good spirits, wholes, to a dimension known as the Soul Society. 

Moreover, In addition to the manga series, Ichigo appears in many other pieces of Bleach media, including the anime series, the four featured films, the two original video animations, rock musicals, several video games, light novels, and the 2018 live-action film. One of the most famous Bleach characters of all time.

2- Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki
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Rukia Kuchiki, is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo. 

However, In the series, Rukia is a Soul Reaper, in charge of slaying evil spirits known as Hollows. 

Furthermore, In the beginning, after a brief meeting with the protagonist of the series, Ichigo Kurosaki, who can see supernatural beings such as Soul Reapers, she is forced to give him her powers in order to fulfill her duties as a Soul Reaper. 

Rukia has appeared in several other pieces of Bleach media, including the four feature films in the series, the two original video animations, and several video games.

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3- Uryu Ishida 

Uryu Ishida Bleach characters
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Uryū Ishida, is a fictional character and major figure in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo. 

However, Uryū is introduced in the series as a classmate of the Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki, who reveals himself to be a Quincy, a clan of humans who was destroyed by the Soul Reapers. 

Furthermore, Wanting to prove the Quincies were better, Uryū challenges Ichigo to see who could kill more Hollows. 

However, once they are overpowered and start working together, they start getting to know each other, to the point they become friends. 

Since then, Uryū appears in the series as an ally to Ichigo, accompanying him in every fight he has. One of the most famous Bleach characters of all time.

4- Kon

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His name is Kaizō Konpaku. Kon typically inhabits a stuffed lion, but occasionally doubles as a Soul Candy pill for Ichigo Kurosaki, taking charge of Ichigo’s Human body.

However, Kon occupies the body of a small stuffed lion for most of the time. The doll has a light tan body with seams running up and down the entire thing. 

The arms and legs each have four white, flat claws which serve as his fingers and toes. 

Furthermore, A button is placed in the center of the body where his belly button would be.

 He has two beady black eyes and small ears with the pink inside of them. 

His head is surprisingly flat when viewed from the side and he has a brown, spiky mane atop his head. 

Hanging from his lower back is a small tail.

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5- Orihime Inoue

Orihime Inoue Bleach characters
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To begin with, Orihime Inoue is a Human living in Karakura Town. 

However, She is a former student of Karakura High School.

She is married to Ichigo Kurosaki and has a son named Kazui Kurosaki. Talking about her appearance, Orihime is a teenager of average height. She has brown eyes and long, waist-length, burnt orange hair. 

Her most noticeable physical trait is her slender yet curvaceous figure for a teenager, especially in terms of her large breasts.

Furthermore, She wears her hair in bangs tucked behind her ears with hairpins, which she only removes to sleep, as they are worn in the memory of her brother.

Moreover, Orihime initially wears her hair with a full but parted fringe before pulling most of her bangs behind her ears as she was ready to leave for Soul Society, a change noted by Tatsuki.

6- Yasutora Sado 

Yasutora Sado
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Yasutora Sado, also known as Chad, is a Human living in Karakura Town. 

However, He is a professional boxer who participates in televised matches. 

Furthermore, He was a classmate of Ichigo Kurosaki’s during their time at Karakura High School. 

Moreover, if we talk about his appearance, Sado is a teenager of Mexican and Japanese descent. 

He is dark-skinned with pronounced cheekbones and has wavy brown hair with bangs that generally hang over his brown eyes. 

He is a muscular and extremely tall man and appears to be much older than he actually is. 

Sado has a tattoo on his left shoulder which reads Amore e Morte (“love and death” in Italian) and consists of a heart with a snake and angel wings around it.

Later on, talking about his personality, Sado is a quiet person. One of the most famous Bleach characters of all time.

He is sometimes the subject of jokes or bullies because he never fights back. 

Nonetheless, he is treated equally by his group of friends in Karakura. Sado also has a soft spot for cute things, like small animals and Kon’s plushie form.

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7- Kisuke Urhara 

Kisuke Urhara Bleach characters
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Kisuke Urahara is a supporting character in the anime/manga series Bleach. 

He is the former captain of the 12th Division, as well as the founder and 1st President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. 

Furthermore, He currently lives in the Human World after being exiled, where he owns a small convenience store, “Urahara Shop ”

The shop doubles in selling Shinigami items. 

However, The shop is maintained by Urahara himself, as well as his employees Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and Ururu Tsumugiya. 

Moreover, He is also a longtime friend of Yoruichi Shihōin and a mentor of Ichigo Kurosaki. 

However, talking about his personality, Urahara shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it. 

He commonly uses idle conversation and outward concern to distract his opponents. 

Despite his carefree attitude, he always speaks politely but is sometimes sarcastic. One of the most famous Bleach characters of all time.

8- Tatsuki Arisawa

Tatsuki Arisawa
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Tatsuki Arisawa, is a female student at the Karakura High School. 

In the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki, her childhood friend, and former karate partner.

However, appearance-wise, Tatsuki is a young girl with long purple hair and light brown eyes. 

She was wearing a gray school uniform, with a red ribbon on the chest.

Furthermore, considering her personality, Tatsuki is a protective and level-headed girl most of the time, unless she is provoked by somebody. 

She uses her great strength to deal with anyone who troubles her or her friends. 

Moreover, She easily hits anyone who annoys Orihime or gives her some sort of deep personal insult, as seen when Kon, inside Ichigo’s body, gives her a compliment and apparently kisses her cheek. 

She stays angry for some time, even after wrecking much of the classroom and Kon flees the scene.

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9- Mizuiro Kojima 

Mizuiro Kojima Bleach characters
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Mizuiro Kojima is a student in Karakura High School and is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki.

However, appearance-wise, Mizuiro has short black hair and green eyes, parted down the middle with a stray bang on his face and the tips fanning out.

He looks very young and wears the Karakura high school uniform with the jacket zipped up. 

Furthermore, 17 months later, his hair is now straight and has grown out to cover his ears.

Moreover, speaking of his personality, He considers himself a feminist. Also, Despite his cheerful appearance, he can be quite cruel, such as by not accepting his own mother.

10- Ururu Tsumugiya

Ururu Tsumugiya
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She is an employee of the Urahara Shop. However, considering her appearance, Ururu is a young-looking girl with a perpetual blush on her cheeks.

The girl wears a white t-shirt with the Urahara Shop logo in pink print and a knee-length, pink skirt with white dots. 

However, She has round purple eyes and long, black hair with a purple tint. 

Furthermore, It is parted down the middle, with two strands of her bangs in the middle of her face, opposing each other. 

Moreover, The rest of her hair is in pigtails with pink ties. Also, talking about her personality, Ururu is a very quiet and shy person.

The girl is very polite to those around her. When asked to help, she does so happily. One of the most famous Bleach characters of all time.

When she mistakenly sells poor-quality merchandise to a customer, she becomes upset and cries, apologizing for her error. 

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11- Keigo Asano

Keigo Asano Bleach characters
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Keigo Asano is a high school student at Karakura High School.

However, He is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki. He is the younger brother of Mizuho Asano.

Furthermore, Keigo Asano is usually a goofy and extremely hyperactive boy.

while very often using overly-dramatic movements and words to act out his feelings. 

He enjoys watching fireworks, playing role-playing games, and going to beach parties.

Moreover, Keigo appears to be a shallow teenager at first, with a passion for slacking off. 

Indeed, he takes great pride in not making it to the honors roster. 

12- Isshin Kurosaki

Isshin Kurosaki
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Isshin Kurosaki is one of the supporting characters of the Bleach series and is a former Shinigami Captain of the 10th Division. 

In the human world, he works at the Kurosaki Clinic as a doctor. 

Furthermore, He is the husband of the late Masaki Kurosaki, and the father of Ichigo Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, and Yuzu Kurosaki. 

Moreover, He avenged his wife by killing Grand Fisher with the help of Kon (in Ichigo’s body). 

He even trained Ichigo in using the ultimate Bankai (Final Release) of the spirit sword Zangetsu.

In addition, He usually annoyed his son when he attacked him every morning only to be pummeled by Ichigo.