10 Most Secure Prison In The World

most secure prison in the world
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For high-profile dangerous criminals, there should be a strict and inescapable prison. The prisons are prepared for such criminals with advanced security measures. Do you want to know the maximum security prisons? Here, we are presenting the list of the most secure prison in the world.

Some prisons have multiple guards assigned to one prisoner. On the other hand, some have minimal guards with technologies like motion sensing, face detection to ensure proper monitoring of inmates.

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In fact, many prisons have different blocks for criminals. Here we are going to discuss the prisons that have maximum security. Let’s check out the list below:

1- ADX Florence US:

ADX Florence is an American Federal Prison in Colorado, United States. It is the most secure prison in the world. It is a supermax prison that is escape-proof for high-profile criminals. In the prison, the inmates have to stay in individual cells with limited contact with anyone.

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2- Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary US:

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary

The Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was a federal prison on the island. Now, it is a museum. It had healthcare facilities for prisoners. Alcatraz had four blocks having cells. Indeed, The D-block was specially made for the deadliest criminals. It was one of the most secure prisons with maximum security.

3- La Sante Prison France:

Most Secure Prison In The World: La Sante

La Sante Prison is located in Paris, France. It is one of the most secure prison in the world. It is an inescapable prison. Here, the prisoners once come can’t get out of it. Significantly, La Sante has numerous suicide cases of inmates due to a strict environment.

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4- Federal Correctional Complex US:

Federal Correctional Complex US

Federal Correctional Complex is a federal prison in Terre Haute, United States. It is a prison that has maximum security with minimal guards. In fact, the monitoring of inmates doesn’t require much manual effort. Because there are cameras with a 360-degree view. It has also motion-sensing and faces detection technology.

5- Arthur Road Jail India:

Most Secure Prison in the World: Arthur Road Jail

Arthur Road Jail or Mumbai Central Jail is one of the most secure prison in the world. It was built in the year 1926. Later in 1972, it becomes the Central prison. Indeed, Some of the deadliest prisoners who stayed here are Satish Kalia, Abu Salem, Ajmal Kasab. It has rigid walls and bars with maximum security.

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6- Fuchu Prison Japan:

Fuchu Prison Japan

Fuchu Prison is the largest prison in Japan. It has both Japanese and Foreign criminals. The cells can have common prisoners, foreign prisoners, mentally ill, and disabled prisoners in different blocks. Every inmate has to maintain discipline. Even, the security is very tight so that no one can escape.

7- Tadmor Military Prison Syria:

Most Secure Prison In The World: Tadmor Prison Syria

Tadmor Prison is situated in the deserts of eastern Syria. It is one of the most secure prison in the world. In fact, It is like surviving in hell with daily tortures and punishments. In 2015, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISIL) captured and destroyed the prison.

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8- Camp Delta US:

Camp Delta US

Camp Delta is a detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It was mainly for the suspected Al Qaeda terrorists. The American armed forces operate the detention camps. Here the inmates get camps according to privileges and comfort to the inmates. In fact, the inmates have to go through various tortures.

9- Portlaoise Prison Ireland:

Most Secure Prison in the World: Portlaoise Prison Ireland

Portlaoise Prison is one of the most secure prison in the world. It is located in Portlaoise, Ireland. Indeed, it is a maximum-security prison with sensors, cameras, and armed personnel. The prisoners come in the custody of the Special Criminal Court and those who are high-profile criminals.

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10- Qincheng Prison China:

Qincheng Prison China

Qincheng prison is a maximum-security prison in Beijing, China. The prison belongs to China’s Military of Public Security. Some of the popular inmates of prison are Bao Tong, Li Rui, Dai Qing etc. In fact, the prison is built 3000 feet above sea level. If anyone thinks about escape, there is a deep valley outwards.