Spotify Sets Up AI ‘Plagiarism Detector’ For Imitative Music

Spotify AI Generated Songs
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Audio streaming and media company, Spotify has presented a patent for an AI “Plagiarism Risk Detector And Interface” technology for Imitative/unoriginal Music.

Nobody wants their music stolen without a credit score, however, the limitations of the western ear are making the creation of wholly authentic music more durable and harder. Now, a brand new plagiarism detector from Spotify might change the sport forever.

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According to the patent filing, The “Plagiarism Risk Detector And Interface” pertain to “Methods, systems and computer program products for testing a lead sheet for plagiarism.” A lead sheet is read by the platform’s “plagiarism detector”, and “having been trained on a plurality of preexisting encoded lead sheets”, then compares the song to all others stored in its database.

Simply to be clear, the expertise isn’t initially meant to root out suspicious songs on Spotify’s platform. It’s implied for use throughout the copyright process as a way to reduce the necessity for human checking. This means it’s only evaluating lead sheets that accompany the submission for copyright, not Spotify.

In the meantime, when you write the track and submit it for copyright first, maybe you’ll find the weather that might be potentially litigious so that you could then rewrite the track to keep away from them. That’s altering the songwriting process (especially with digital music) on its head.

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Also, Spotify is testing a new feature for its Android users. The new feature is basically an extension of a previously available feature where the platform allowed users to listen to locally downloaded music on their Android/iOS.