10 Funny Country Names You Must Know

Funny Country names
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We will find out here some of the most funny country names you knew but never gave quite a thought. There are many countries around the world, with millions of people living in their various countries happily. But, have you ever given a thought about some countries that have really funny names and can provide us with a big horde of laughter.

So, we have comprised like 10 most funny country names which will definitely make you smile, just by thinking that name. These country names are so funny that you also will be thankful that it’s not your countries name. No disrespect to any countries name or anything. But, the country names in the list are definitely going to be funny and definitely a mood changer.

Also, like every other country, there are millions of people living in these countries, have different cultures which should be respected.

So, now without any further adieu let’s find out which are the most funny country names.

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10. Croatia

What is the name of the country where Asian crows hibernate? They’ll be in Croatia.

9. Singapore

What is the name of the island state with no decent singers? In Singapore, there are no decent vocalists. Most Funny Country Names ever.

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8. Czech

What happens when you dine in a posh restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic? You understand Czech.

7. Suriname

Someone told me of a country where individuals are only known by their last names and don’t have first names. It was explained to me that it was Suriname.

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6. Monaco

Who wants to eat some Monaco biscuits. Most Funny Country Names ever.

5. Haiti

I’m not interested in traveling to Central America since I am Haiti the region.

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4. Chad

My journey to Africa had to be canceled due to difficulty. I’m Chad on the subject.

3. Greece

In Eastern Europe, people eat chicken in Greece!

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2. Turkey

I wanted to spend Thanksgiving as an American living in the Middle East. So, Iran, go grab some Turkey for me.

1. Hungary

I was so Hungary throughout my journey to Europe that I decided to go to Russia to obtain some food.