20 Main Stranger Things Characters You Must Know

Stranger Things Characters
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Thank you for joining us on our page, readers! We’ll be taking a closer look at  Stranger Things Characters. Before that, we will first discuss other important things related to Stranger Things. 

Several factors contributed to the immense popularity of the TV series “Stranger Things.” Here are some key elements that made “Stranger Things” popular:

  1. Nostalgia: “Stranger Things” masterfully taps into 1980s nostalgia, evoking the spirit of classic movies and TV shows from that era. It pays homage to iconic works of the ’80s, such as Steven Spielberg’s films, Stephen King’s novels, and classic sci-fi and horror movies, resonating with both older viewers who lived through that time and younger audiences who are intrigued by its vintage charm.
  1. Compelling Storytelling: The show weaves an engaging and suspenseful narrative, combining elements of science fiction, horror, and coming-of-age drama. Its blend of mystery, supernatural occurrences, and character-driven storytelling keeps viewers hooked and eager to unravel the mysteries of the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.
  1. Well-Developed Characters: “Stranger Things” boasts a cast of well-developed characters that audiences can relate to and invest in emotionally. The group of kids at the centre of the story, including Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will, form a strong bond that resonates with viewers, while the adult characters add depth and complexity to the overall narrative.
  1. Strong Performances: The talented ensemble cast delivers impressive performances, bringing the characters to life and creating a strong on-screen chemistry that draws viewers into their world.
  1. Memorable Antagonist: The show’s menacing antagonist, the otherworldly creature known as the Demogorgon, adds a chilling and suspenseful element to the story, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.
  1. Cultural Impact: “Stranger Things” quickly became a social and cultural phenomenon, with its iconic imagery, catchphrases, and references spreading across the internet and popular culture. 
  1. Binge-Watch Format: Released on Netflix, “Stranger Things” was made available for binge-watching, allowing viewers to consume multiple episodes in one sitting. 

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The popularity of “Stranger Things” is significantly attributed to the captivating qualities of its diverse and well-portrayed Stranger Things characters. 

Each character’s unique personality and relatable traits resonate with the audience. This forges emotional connections that keep viewers engaged throughout the series. 

The group of kids forms a tight-knit and endearing friendship, evoking nostalgia for the innocence of childhood friendships. 

The adults in the show add depth and complexity to the narrative, showcasing the challenges and sacrifices they endure to protect the Stranger Things characters they care about. 

The show’s compelling storytelling and character development allow fans to become emotionally invested in the characters’ journeys, creating a devoted and passionate fanbase. The series’ success can be credited to its ability to humanize the supernatural by grounding it in the vulnerabilities and strengths of its relatable and well-rounded Stranger Things characters.

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List Of Stranger Things Characters: 

1- Eleven 


Eleven, also known as “El,” is one of the central characters in the hit TV series “Stranger Things.” Portrayed by actress Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven is a young girl with telekinetic abilities who escapes from a government laboratory called Hawkins National Laboratory. She is found by a group of boys, including Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Lucas Sinclair.

Throughout the series, Eleven forms a strong bond with the boys and becomes an integral part of their group. She is on the run from the laboratory and has limited social skills due to her isolated upbringing. Despite her past trauma, Eleven displays remarkable courage and resilience while facing supernatural threats in Hawkins.

2- Billy Hargrove

Billy Hargrove

Billy Hargrove is a character from the popular TV series “Stranger Things.” He is portrayed by actor Dacre Montgomery.

Billy is introduced in the second season as a new resident of Hawkins, Indiana. He is the stepbrother of Max Mayfield and has a tough and aggressive personality. As the school bully, he antagonizes several characters, including Steve Harrington and Lucas Sinclair. However, as the series progresses, we learn more about Billy’s troubled home life and the strained relationship with his abusive father.

In the third season, Billy becomes possessed by the Mind Flayer, turning him into a terrifying and formidable adversary. Ultimately, he redeems himself by resisting the Mind Flayer’s control and sacrificing himself to protect Eleven and her friends. Billy’s character arc adds depth and complexity to the series, making him both a compelling antagonist and a tragic hero.

3- Max Mayfield

Max Mayfield

Max Mayfield, portrayed by actress Sadie Sink, is a prominent character in the popular TV series “Stranger Things.” 

She is introduced in the second season as a new resident of Hawkins, Indiana. Max is a confident and skateboard-savvy girl, often seen sporting a red bandana and protective wrist guards.

Upon her arrival, Max befriends the core group of boys, particularly Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and Will. Despite initial skepticism from some of the boys, Max proves to be a valuable addition to their group and plays a significant role in their adventures.

4- Vecna


Vecna is not a character in the TV series “Stranger Things.” Instead, Vecna is a prominent and powerful villain in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), a popular tabletop role-playing game.

In D&D lore, Vecna is an ancient and malevolent lich, a powerful undead spellcaster who seeks to attain god-like powers. He is known for his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his pursuit of forbidden and dark magic. Vecna’s hand and eye are particularly famous artifacts, with the Hand of Vecna granting immense power to whoever wields it.

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5- Will Byers

Will Byers

Will Byers, a central character in the thrilling TV series “Stranger Things,” is a kind-hearted and imaginative boy residing in Hawkins, Indiana. Portrayed by actor Noah Schnapp, Will is part of a close-knit group of friends, including Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. In the first season, he mysteriously vanishes, leading his friends and family on a desperate search.

Throughout the series, Will’s connections to the mysterious alternate dimension, the Upside Down, bring him face-to-face with dark and otherworldly threats. Despite his traumatic experiences, Will’s resilience and bravery shine through as he battles supernatural forces and tries to find his place in a world forever changed by the unknown.

6- Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington, a standout character in the popular TV series “Stranger Things,” is initially introduced as a typical high school jock and popular kid in Hawkins, Indiana. Portrayed by actor Joe Keery, Steve undergoes significant growth throughout the series.

Originally known for his arrogant behavior, he becomes a fan-favorite as he evolves into a protective and caring older brother figure for Dustin Henderson.

Steve’s transformation from a self-centered teenager to a courageous and selfless hero showcases his depth and complexity. His endearing friendship with the kids, especially Dustin, adds a heartwarming element to the show, making Steve a beloved character among fans.

7- The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon, a terrifying and malevolent creature in the thrilling TV series “Stranger Things,” hails from the dark and eerie realm known as the Upside Down. This monstrous and predatory being is depicted with a humanoid form, but its horrifying appearance includes a flower-like face with razor-sharp teeth.

The Demogorgon is capable of creating interdimensional portals, allowing it to hunt and terrorize the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. With a thirst for human flesh and psychic abilities, it poses a formidable threat to the show’s protagonists, including Eleven and the group of kids. The Demogorgon’s relentless pursuit and otherworldly origins make it a spine-chilling and unforgettable antagonist.

8- Dustin Henderson

Dustin Henderson

Dustin Henderson, a beloved character in the thrilling TV series “Stranger Things,” is a witty and endearing member of the group of friends in Hawkins, Indiana. Portrayed by actor Gaten Matarazzo, Dustin is known for his charming personality and iconic curly hair. Despite being the target of some teasing, he is confident, adventurous, and always ready to face supernatural challenges head-on.

Dustin’s loyalty to his friends, especially his bond with Steve Harrington, and his unwavering determination make him an essential member of the group. His humor and intelligence add a delightful and heartwarming element to the show, making Dustin an adored fan-favorite character.

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9- Mike Wheeler

Mike Wheeler, a central character in the gripping TV series “Stranger Things,” is the compassionate and determined leader of a group of friends in Hawkins, Indiana. Portrayed by actor Finn Wolfhard, Mike is the best friend of the missing boy, Will Byers, and the caring brother of Eleven.

Throughout the series, his unwavering loyalty to his friends and family drives him to face the horrors of the Upside Down and supernatural threats head-on. Mike’s strong sense of justice, quick thinking, and heartfelt emotions make him a compelling and relatable character. His enduring love for Eleven and his resilience in the face of danger add depth and heart to the show’s thrilling narrative.

10- Eddie Munson

Eddie was a student at Hawkins High School, and the idiosyncratic leader of the Hellfire Club, a fringe school society oriented around Dungeons & Dragons. He was an electric guitar player in his band Corroded Coffin, and the friend of Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Mike Wheeler.

11- Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler, a prominent character in the captivating TV series “Stranger Things,” is the older sister of Mike Wheeler and a high school student in Hawkins, Indiana. Portrayed by actress Natalia Dyer, Nancy starts as a popular girl but undergoes significant growth throughout the series. She develops a strong sense of justice and determination to uncover the truth behind the mysterious happenings in town.

Nancy’s investigative skills lead her to team up with Jonathan Byers, and together, they delve into the secrets of Upside Down. Her evolution from a typical teenager to a courageous and resourceful young woman adds depth and complexity to the show’s narrative.

12- Jim Hopper

Jim Hopper, a central and beloved character in the thrilling TV series “Stranger Things,” is the dedicated chief of police in Hawkins, Indiana. Portrayed by actor David Harbour, Hopper is a gruff yet compassionate figure who becomes entangled in the town’s supernatural mysteries. Despite his tough exterior, he showcases a deeply caring nature, especially as the adoptive father of Eleven.

Hopper’s relentless pursuit of the truth and his willingness to protect those he cares about make him a formidable ally in the fight against the supernatural threats from the Upside Down. His growth from a troubled man to a heroic leader adds emotional depth and relatability to the series.

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13- Robin Buckley

Robin Buckley

Robin Buckley, a captivating character in the TV series “Stranger Things,” is introduced in the third season. Portrayed by actress Maya Hawke, Robin is a smart and witty teenager who works at the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop in Hawkins’ newly-built Starcourt Mall. She becomes a vital member of the group as they uncover the Soviet conspiracy and the Mind Flayer’s return.

Robin’s intelligence, bravery, and sense of humor make her a strong asset, forming a close bond with Steve Harrington. Her addition to the group dynamics brings a fresh perspective, making her an endearing and significant part of the “Stranger Things” narrative.

14- Chrissy


A resident of Hawkins, Indiana, Chrissy fit the mold of an archetypal uber-popular girl. She was the lead cheerleader at her local high school and was dating Jason Carver, captain of the basketball team. 

However, beneath the seemingly perfect surface, Chrissy was struggling, desperately trying to hide her depression and issues with self-image stemming from her mother’s emotional abuse.

15- Jonathan Byers

Jonathan Byers, a significant character in the thrilling TV series “Stranger Things,” is the older brother of Will Byers and the son of Joyce Byers. Portrayed by actor Charlie Heaton, Jonathan is an artistic and introverted teenager in Hawkins, Indiana.

He becomes entangled in the supernatural mysteries surrounding the Upside Down when his brother goes missing. Jonathan’s photography skills aid in uncovering the truth behind the strange occurrences.

Throughout the series, he forms a close bond with Nancy Wheeler, and together, they investigate the mysteries plaguing their town. Jonathan’s compassionate nature and determination to protect his loved ones make him a vital part of the show’s compelling narrative.

16- Lucas Sinclair

Lucas Sinclair, a key character in the thrilling TV series “Stranger Things,” is a smart and pragmatic member of a group of friends in Hawkins, Indiana. Portrayed by actor Caleb McLaughlin, Lucas is best friends with Mike Wheeler and Dustin Henderson. With a skeptical and cautious nature, he brings a grounded perspective to their adventures.

Lucas is known for his strong sense of justice and loyalty to his friends, especially when it comes to protecting Eleven. His proficiency with a slingshot and his determination to uncover the truth about the strange occurrences in Hawkins makes him a valuable and essential member of the group.

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17- Barbara


Barbara, commonly referred to as Barb, is a supporting character in the TV series “Stranger Things.” Portrayed by actress Shannon Purser, Barb is Nancy Wheeler’s loyal and caring best friend. Introduced in the first season, she is depicted as a responsible and cautious teenager. During a party at Steve Harrington’s house,

Barb disappears under mysterious circumstances, leading Nancy and her friends to search for her. Despite her limited screen time, Barb becomes a fan-favorite character. Her disappearance plays a significant role in the plot and affects Nancy’s character development. Barb’s memorable and tragic fate has made her an enduring and iconic figure in the show’s fandom.

18- Martin Brenner

Martin Brenner, also known as “Papa,” is a prominent character in the TV series “Stranger Things.” Portrayed by actor Matthew Modine, Dr. Brenner is a high-ranking scientist at Hawkins National Laboratory.

He is heavily involved in secret government experiments, including the study of Eleven and her psychic abilities. As the sinister head of the lab, Brenner is manipulative and unscrupulous, showing little regard for the well-being of his subjects.

He plays a pivotal role in the events of the series, particularly in Eleven’s backstory and the dangerous experiments conducted in the Upside Down. Brenner’s enigmatic and menacing presence adds a chilling layer of intrigue to the show’s narrative.

19- Argyle


Argyle, portrayed by Eduardo Franco, is a main character in Stranger Things, being introduced in the fourth season. He is the best friend of Jonathan Byers upon his move to California and delivers pizzas for Surfer Boy Pizza.

20- Joyce Byers

Joyce Byers, a central character in the thrilling TV series “Stranger Things,” is the devoted mother of Will and Jonathan Byers. Portrayed by actress Winona Ryder, Joyce is a resilient and fiercely protective woman living in Hawkins, Indiana. When her youngest son, Will, goes missing, Joyce embarks on a determined and emotional quest to find him, despite skepticism from others.

Throughout the series, she faces supernatural horrors from the Upside Down and becomes a crucial figure in the battle against the mysterious forces threatening her town. Joyce’s unwavering love and strength make her a compelling and relatable character in the show’s gripping narrative.