12 Best Australian Singers Of All Time

Best Australian Singers Of All Time
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Hello, Music Freaks! Who doesn’t like Australian singers? Well, everyone does. In this article, I will spot some light upon the best Australian Singers of all time. in this article, you will find that these Australian singers are indeed god gifted. 

You must have heard that Australian singers are known for their versatility in singing and they have amazing voices which is why we consider them unique. 

Australia has given the world popular musicians of all time. However, it is because of the contribution of the Australian singers, that they made their popular songs rank in the top 10 list of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Furthermore, One main specialty of Australian singers is that they are best at giving their authentic taste of folk music. Anyone around the world can easily fall in love with such amazing singers. 

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Here I have jotted down the list of the 12 best Australian Singers: 

1 – SIA 

When it comes to the best Australian singers’ voices, this girl does wonders. She performs every time with her enchanting voice, commendable confidence and sets a paragon for how one should sing, and reach to the heart and soul of every listener. However, one can barely find anyone who doesn’t get fond of her singing. 

2 – Jimmy Barnes 

Jimmy Barnes was born in Scotland. He is a Scottish-Australian singer. Jimmy is among the top-rated Austrian singers, which is an absolute blessing to him. 

He got famous first when his debut body swerve topped the chart.  Jimmy is a songwriter too. The list of his achievements in his singing career is bound to draw applause. 

He also has been awarded the Ted Albert Award for outstanding services to Australian music. One of the Best Australian Singers Of All Time.

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3 – Nick cave 

He is an Australian singer who is known for his baritone voice. He is a versatile singer and songwriter. His stage presence is what makes him special. 

Nick makes sure that his songs must have enough approaching emotional quotient.  His songs are influenced by a touch of love, death, religion and violence. 

This allows him to connect with the audience in greater numbers. His famous song is “ where the wild roses grow”.

4 – Guy Sebastian

He is a beautifully talented Australian singer.  People like him for his abilities to sing, write and produce music. He has been the winner of The First Australian Idol, he was a judge at Australia’s The X Factor and coached on The Voice Australia. He has been very fortunate in his career. 

Furthermore, His best music hits include Battle scars, Get along and Tonight Again. One of the Best Australian Singers Of All Time.

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5 – Paul Kelly 

He is an Australian rock music singer, songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player. So many talented skills, right?

Furthermore, his music style makes him unique from the rest of the musicians. His music forms include bluegrass, dub reggae, folk, rock and country music. 

Kelly is more of a culture freak, which could be addressed with his songwriting capabilities. He also has won several awards in the same context. One of the Best Australian Singers Of All Time.

6 – Kate Miller – Heidke

Kate is an absolute example of beauty with talent. Yes, she is an Australian singer, songwriter and wonderful actress. 

Her confident stage presence thrives the audience to get mad for her melodious voice. 

Furthermore, her best musical hits include Caught in the Crowd & The Last Day On Earth. She is very much obsessed with pop music and making her career out of it. 

Moreover, She holds 9th position in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. 

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7 – Daniel Johns

Daniel is an Australian singer, songwriter and musician. He has been awarded for his singing several times. He is undoubtedly an extremely talented vocalist. 

Above all, he has earned a lot of nominations as a solo artist. His one album named “ Future Never “ is about to be released this year (2022). One of the Best Australian Singers Of All Time.

8 – Chrissy Amphlett  

Chrissy Amphlett was a talented singer and actress. 

She was known for her sexual persona while singing. She has that personality that always had left the audience pleasantly flabbergasted. 

Most importantly she was famous as the frontwoman of the Australian Rock Band, Divinyls.  The audience always finds humour in her song’s lyrics. 

She was the media’s favourite, as she used to give a lot of interviews for them. 

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9 – Colin hay

Colin is British – Australian singer and actor. Indeed he is best at both singing and acting, apart from all this he is a songwriter also. 

He has been nominated for best songwriter & songwriter of the year. 

Before coming into light Colin earlier used to work with a band and later he came out as becoming a solo artist. 

He has been a member of Ringo stars & All-star band. One of the Best Australian Singers Of All Time.

10 – Peter Garrett  

Peter undoubtedly has a very intriguing profile. Apart from being one of the best Australian singers, he is an environmentalist. Not just that earlier he has also served as a former politician. 

 Furthermore, Garrett used to be the lead singer of an Australian rock band, Midnight oil.  People were fond of his on-stage performances. His lovely voice has got that melody that makes everyone feel blissful. 

To sum up, his wonderful dancing skills whilst giving his singing performance used to create magic around, or we can say that it worked as a salt in a dish. 

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11 – Nai Palm

The outstanding woman in the Australian music industry is none other than Nai Palm. She is an amazingly talented girl, a girl who knows how to play mind-blowing guitar. 

Furthermore, She has that enchanting voice that leaves everyone mesmerized. 

Her skills include best stage presence, soulful tone and ability to harmonize, they all are appreciable. One of the Best Australian Singers Of All Time.

12 – Bon Scott

Bon Scott was a Scottish- Australian singer, with fabulous songwriting skills. He used to be a hard rock vocalist, he is still irreplaceable by anyone till today. He was AC/DC’s original greatest singer. In conclusion, all 57 Bon Scott AC/DC songs ranked in order of huge success. One of the Best Australian Singers Of All Time.