10 Best Batman Villains List You Must See

Batman Villains
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It doesn’t get any better than Batman villains when it comes to DC supervillains. These delinquents represent the devilish best of Gotham City’s murky, grimy, and scary playground, and they stand in ideal antithesis to the crime-fighting Caped Crusader, whereas Superman’s universe is typified by sparkling heroism.

The evildoers that torment it from its darkest corners characterize Batman’s world. What distinguishes them is that they are all just a few different shades away from the Dark Knight. 

So, here are our top picks for the 10 best Batman Villains

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10. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Batman Villains List

Poison Ivy, the eco-terrorist, is one of the most famous Batman villains, as some who have been chastised by 1997’s Batman & Robin may have forgotten. This Gotham City siren is a formidable opponent because of her ability to accomplish pretty much anything she wants with plants. She can lure any male, including Superman, to do her bidding.

9. Deathstroke

Deathstroke Batman Villains List

Deathstroke’s feud with Batman has taken many forms throughout the years. Typically, Deathstroke is hired to murder the Bat or is seeking vengeance for a prior loss. When he has a target, Deathstroke is unstoppable, and his tactical talents rival those of Batman, which is why he can even beat heroes like the Flash. One of the most popular Batman Villains ever.

8. Scarecrow

Scarecrow Batman Villains List

The Scarecrow, armed with a terror-inducing gas that compels victims to confront their deepest fears, preys on Gotham’s people with a commanding scariness. Though fear is Batman’s most effective crime-fighting tool in instilling horror in criminals’ hearts, he has found his match in Scarecrow’s ability to unleash its terrifying powers.

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7. The Penguin

The Penguin Batman Villains List

Despite being the ugly face of the city’s criminal underworld, Penguin has demonstrated a realistic, even quasi-legitimate business side, performing his heinous crimes more out of a desire for personal and financial gain than out of a need to cause havoc. The man of a thousand umbrellas has shown polished intelligence and refinement, which adds to his dangerousness. One of the most popular Batman Villains ever.

6. Bane

Bane Batman Villains List

Bane is not simply a behemoth of a metahuman, but also a strategic and tactical mastermind. This is how he famously defeated Batman and broke his back in the process. Due to his relentlessness, Bane has subsequently developed into one of the most lethal DC villains ever created in recent years.

5. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Batman Villains List

She was brought back multiple times because the character was such a hit right away. She then moved on to comic books, where she rapidly became a best-seller. A solo series and a spin-off comic with the aforementioned Sirens followed. Margot Robbie’s depiction of the character in the DC Extended Universe has made her into a movie star, adding to her mallet-wielding fame. One of the most popular Batman Villains ever.

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4. The Riddler

The Riddler

The Riddler appears to be a villain in his own right. He’s not particularly frightening or nasty – at least not all of the time – but rather a lighthearted touch to Batman’s normally dark and gloomy universe. This enigmatic evildoer is a riddling lunatic hellbent on testing his wits against the world’s finest investigator while he’s at his best.

3. Two-Face


Two-Face, the erstwhile White Knight of Gotham, is possibly Batman’s most tragic adversary. He was formerly the city’s noble crime-fighting District Attorney; however, a furious mafia lord splashes acid on his face, leaving him scarred. Through a coin flip, his already split mentality transforms him into Two-Face, a guy obsessed with duality and change. One of the most popular Batman Villains ever.

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2. Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul

While most of Batman’s foes stay inside the confines of Gotham City, Ra’s Al Ghul takes things to a whole new level. The Demon’s Head, a super-intelligent, magical worldwide assassin, gives the rogue gallery some much-needed seriousness. Ra’s is a guy who is wary of humanity’s darkest atrocities and wants to rebuild the planet through genocide.

1. Joker


From the 1940s until the present, the Joker and Batman have been rivals. He’s been the subject of several origin legends as well as representations as a mysterious figure with no identification. Their fights have spanned everything from fun and colorful escapades to profound, serious, and even terrifying clashes. The Joker will always be there to give Batman a hard time, whether it’s in comic books, movies, or video games.