15 Best Coolest Houses In The World

Best Coolest Houses In The World
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Hey folks, hope you guys are doing fine. Well, today we will discuss a most interesting topic,” coolest houses” Well, for those who are travel freaks or those who are planning their vacation, this article on the coolest houses could be proven very useful to you. Hence, I request you to go through the complete article on the coolest houses. 

However, I guess you all can agree that Everyone has their own lifestyle and builds a house according to their needs and preferences. Some houses are amazed by their size, others by their beauty, and modesty, and yet others by the finesse with which they are built.

There are some houses that have very strange shapes. Hence, They leave us stunned and make us believe that everything is possible.

This article on coolest houses comprises a list of 15 best ever quirky coolest houses in the world. So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the list of coolest houses. 

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1- Flintstone House

Flintstone House Coolest Houses
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The house is located in Hillsborough, California. The Flintstone House is a free-form, single-family residence. The house is easily overlooked and seen from the Doran Memorial Bridge carrying Interstate 280 over San Mateo Creek.

Furthermore, the house was built in 1976 as one of several experimental domed buildings using new materials. It was constructed by spraying shotcrete onto steel rebar and wire mesh frames over inflated aeronautical balloons.

Well,  It has approximately 2,700 sq ft (250 m2) of living space including three bedrooms, one accessed via a spiral staircase inspired by an ice cream cone that at the top is the same diameter as the room, two bathrooms, and has a two-car garage.

Moreover, Originally off-white in color, the house was repainted deep orange in 2000, and one of the domes was later painted purple. 

Undoubtedly one of the spectacular coolest houses in the world.

Designed by: William Nicholson 

2- Capital Hill Residence

Capital Hill Residence
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This coolest house is located in Barvikha, Russia. One of the standout features of this house is its Master Bedroom. However, Capital Hill Residence is a villa. 

Furthermore, Construction on the project began in 2006 and it is the only private house that Hadid built during her lifetime. The house was completed in a futuristic style with an area of 2,650 square meters with four floors.

Moreover, the house is Estimated to have cost $140 million, it is one of the most expensive, luxurious, and unusual residences in the world. One of the best Coolest Houses in the world. So, would you like to pay a visit? 

Designed by: Zaha Hdid 

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3- Dar-al-Hajar

Dar-al-Hajar Coolest Houses
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As beautiful as its name, this coolest house is located in Yemen. Well, this house is a popular symbol of Yemen seen on posters and in magazines. 

It’s a must-visit, rich in history and art of the early days, mind wandering engineering and architecture. 

However, The Dar al-Hajar is a former royal palace. The house is built in the 1920s as the summer retreat of Yahya Muhammad Hamid ed-Din, ruler of Yemen from 1904 to 1948, it sits on top of a structure built in 1786 for the scholar al-Imam Mansour. 

Hence, The palace stayed in the royal family until the Yemen revolution of 1962. The palace is now a museum. Speaking of the architecture of the house, The architecture itself is impressive. 

Built onto an imposing rock outcropping, the palace itself intertwines with nature. 

Moreover, Some of the rooms and walkways are actually dug out of the rock, others are built on top of or around it. 

The roof was used to catch rainwater that flowed into a pool for bathing and washing. Refrigeration was through little windows where the wind would keep items cooler and fresh. 

Some rooms have nice details like steps that pull out of the wall, stained glass windows, or intricate carvings.

4- Eliphante Art House

Eliphante Art House
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Indeed, one can’t deny that this house has the coolest interiors. 

However, it is located in Cornville, Arizona, USA. This unusual house is an excellent example of organic architecture and creative art. It has a space of 3 hectares of the natural landscape in Arizona. 

The building has five separate handmade areas, linked by a common theme. Moreover, The main living areas are located in The Elephante and are connected with the area of meditation, the art gallery, the bath, the garden sculptures, and the wetland ponds. 

On the other hand, The desert is the source of the raw material. Then they are used in the house with artistic flair with stone and glass mosaics, tile, wood, metal sculptures, and plaster, which are a part of nature. One of the best Coolest Houses in the world.

Designed by: Michael Kahn and Leda Levant.

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5- Spitbank Forest

Spitbank Forest Coolest Houses
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To begin with, This coolest house is situated in Portsmouth, UK. Spitbank Fort or Spit Sand Fort or Spit Sand Fort or simply Spit Fort is a sea fort built as a result of the 1859 Royal Commission. The fort is one of four built as part of the Palmerston Forts constructions.

(1982-2009) Following the purchase of the fort, it underwent restoration and was opened to the public as a museum. 

However, it is now a lucrative hotel. Construction started in 1867 and was completed in 1878, at a cost of £167,300 STG. 

Furthermore, A 2020 report stated that during the Second World War, “the forts were used to defend the Portsmouth dockyards. Life on site was grim; those serving were deliberately chosen for their inability to swim, to avoid any attempt to escape”

Designed by: Captain E. H. Stewart

6- Steel House 

The house is located in Ransom Canyon, Texas, USA. The bizarre structure is actually someone’s house—or, at least it used to be. 

However, The steel abode is the labor of love of Robert Bruno, an unconventional sculptor who handcrafted it from 1973 until his death in 2008.

Robert Bruno’s Steel House is made of 150 tons of blackened steel, each piece welded by hand, and was created with virtually no outside assistance. 

Moreover, The interior is wooden, resembling the inside of a tree trunk, and many of the windows are made of beautiful stained glass.

There are gaping holes between the house’s different levels, and the architect’s plans of installing an aquarium, a pool, and the moldings of nude models plastered to the walls were never realized. 

To Bruno, the Steel House was viewed as more of a hobby than a project that needed to be finished; the architect was known to scrap months of work at a whim, and the lack of closure was of no concern.

Designed by: Robert Bruno

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7- Dolomitenblick

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The house is located in Swati, Italy. The building hosts 6 generous holiday homes, all directed to the sun and the panoramic view of the Dolomites.

However,  Each private unit is designed to get maximum privacy: through the division of the whole building volume into 2 parts, through the stepped balustrades which avoid insight from the above unit and from the passing by the street.

Each apartment gets an extension of the internal living area by a covered sun and view facing terrace which on each floor ends in a small private garden. Moreover, Local larch wood defines internal and external living areas. One of the best Coolest Houses in the world.

Therefore, Floor to ceiling glazing allows the maximum view and energetic gain as directed to the south, and external sun blinds, and the overhangs of the above balconies minimize overheating during summertime.

8- Shark Attack Home

Shark Attack Home Coolest Houses
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It is located in Headington, UK. The Headington Shark is a rooftop sculpture, depicting a large shark embedded head-first in the roof of a house.

However, The shark first appeared on 9 August 1986, having been commissioned by the house’s owner Bill Heine, a local radio presenter.

The sculpture was inspired by Heine hearing American warplanes flying from Upper Heyford near Oxford. It was on its way to bomb Libya in retaliation for its terrorist attacks on American troops, and it was put up as a protest against the bombing.

As well as making a statement against nuclear weapons with the shark being used as a metaphor for falling bombs.

Moreover, The sculpture was erected on the 41st anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. The structure is in deliberate contrast with its otherwise ordinary suburban setting.

Designed by: John Buckley

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9- Sun Valley Starship 

Sun Valley Starship
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This coolest house is located in Idaho, USA. Aptly called the Sun Valley Starship, the unique property towers above a manmade pond with its imposing concrete, steel, glass, and reclaimed antique wood structure. 

However, it is indeed a striking architectural home — that looks like it was created as a home base. One of the best Coolest Houses in the world.

Furthermore, Despite its futuristic shape, the house incorporates plenty of historic elements — including sliding bedroom doors imported from India that date back to the mid-1600s, two steel mooring buoys salvaged from WWI ships, and exterior wood siding from the 1800s. 

Designed by: Susan Desko

10- The Pole House, Victoria

The Pole House, Victoria Coolest Houses
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This coolest house is located in Australia. However, the house is spectacular outside & it’s amazing for Instagram posts. 

Well, as I mentioned that this house is Widely known as the most photographed house on the Great Ocean Road. 

However, Suspended 40 meters above Fairhaven Beach, the Pole House is one of Australia’s most iconic homes. 

Furthermore, Recently renovated, The Pole House now adds a luxurious modern setting to a holiday experience like no other. 

Whilst carefully planned and crafted, The Pole House is not about accommodation, nor is it about facilities or amenities, of which it has many, The Pole House is about the experience. 

Moreover, you can Picture yourself waking to the sound of crashing waves, opening your eyes to find yourself suspended above the most spectacular coastline in the country. 

Therefore, The Pole House is an adventure, so take yourself to the edge and indulge in one of the most unique, iconic, and awe-inspiring destinations. 

Designed by: Franco Fiorentini

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11- Sky Garage

Sky Garage
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The house is located in Singapore. As the name suggests this Luxury apartment in Singapore offers a garage in the sky. How amazing! 

Furthermore, Sky Garage Apartments’ allows owners to park their cars next to their living rooms, even if they are put up on the top floor of a 30-story block.

Well, The aim is for the car to be “almost a piece of furniture that from the living room you could admire like a piece of artwork. One of the best Coolest Houses in the world.

12- The Seashell House

The Seashell House Coolest Houses
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This beautiful Seashell house sits on the quiet tropical island, Isla Mujeres in Mexico.

If you’re planning a trip to an island paradise, consider going to Mexico and renting this unusual home. 

Furthermore, The house is also pretty famous. It’s been featured on HGTV and in the coolest homes. Moreover, It is also called Casa Caracol translated as Snail House.

Designed by: Eduardo

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13- High Dessert house 

High Dessert house
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The house is located in Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA. It was the Architect who took the style of designing the quirky homes to new heights. 

However, A spectacular example of his work is the 5,000-square-foot engineering marvel known as High Desert House, on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park’s alien landscape.

Furthermore, Kellogg spent five years working on the house, and the structure was completed in 1993. 

Moreover, talking about the idea of designing this coolest house was that it would be settled in the landscape.

Like it was crouching on the rocks, maybe like an animal asleep. Indeed, very thoughtful of him! 

Designed by: Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

14- Hang Nga 

Hang Nga Coolest Houses
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Hằng Nga guesthouse, popularly known as the “Crazy House”, is an unconventional building designed and constructed by a Vietnamese architect, Đặng Việt Nga in Đà Lạt, Vietnam. 

However, this house is referred to as the fairy tale house. 

Furthermore, the building’s overall design resembles a giant tree, incorporating sculptured design elements representing natural forms such as animals, mushrooms, spider webs, and caves. Its architecture, comprising complex, organic, non-rectilinear shapes, has been described as expressionist.

Moreover, Since its opening in 1990, the building has gained recognition for its unique architecture, being highlighted in numerous guidebooks and listed as one of the world’s ten most “bizarre” buildings in the Chinese People’s Daily.

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15- The Dancing House Prague, Czech Republic 

The Dancing House Prague, Czech Republic
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To begin with, The Dancing House, or Fred and Ginger, is the nickname given to the Nationale-Nederlanden building on the Rašínovo nábřeží in Prague, Czech Republic.

However,  It was designed by the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić in cooperation with Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry on a vacant riverfront plot.

Furthermore, The building was designed in 1992. The construction, carried out by BESIX, was completed four years later in 1996. 

Designed by: Vlado Milunić, Frank Gehry