15 Best Male Rappers Banging The hip-hop world

Best Male Rappers hip hop
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Who are the Best Male Rappers? Does it have any importance? So, this list will guide you through the 15 best male rappers in the hip-hop world you must have heard and if not you should. You may know the name of some artists, also would have heard one of their songs.

Some male rappers & hip-hop artists in this list have won many awards including grammy. Also, they are the real GOAT in the Hip-Hop world.

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So, here comes the list of the EMCEE’s or the best male rappers who are on top of the hip-hop world.

15. Travis Scott

The rapper, singer, and songwriter is very well popular and known as “The Showman”. In 2016, Birds became its first number-one Billboard 200 in the album Trap Sing McKnight. After that came Astroworld, his album, which was much praised.

14. 21 Savage

A large number of events using paintball weapons resulted from the 21 Savage’s Guns down, the Paintballs Up initiative he supposedly began to minimize gun violence.

Savage also established the 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign, a charity to assist children to learn how to make money and save money.

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13. J. Cole

After the release of his first mixtape, The Come Up, in early 2007, Cole first garnered notoriety as a rapper. After signing on to Jay-Roc Z’s Nation in 2009, he was also critically acclimated for his attempt to continue his musical career and released two further mixtapes, The Warm-Up (2009) and Friday Night Lights (2010).

12. Rakim

As others praised their firearms, Rakim recognized his talents. Everything was about kiddie lullabies before Rakim’s hip-hop. It altered the game by providing a range of multifunctional rhymes and new slang.

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11. Snoop Dogg

Not too many rappers were able to manage, while still holding “G,” and also generate popular hits. In addition to the slimmest slicks, Snoop delivered some of the most fascinating hip-hop choruses ever heard.

10. Jay Z


Jay-Z is a rapper and composer in the United States and one of the most selling musical artists in the world. His debut album Reasonable Doubt was a tremendous success in 1996, and he has released several more well-respected albums since then.

He was also accused of assaulting a record manager and was sentenced in January 2000 to three years on probation.

9. Drake

In the sitcom Degrassi: The Next generation, Drake came to stardom as Jimmy Brooks. With his platinum record Thank Me Later and his four-time grammy album Take Care he soon became a fast superstar.

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8. XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion, a rapper, and performer rose to prominence with the success of the song “Look at Me” and the release of albums such as 17 and? From the start of his personal life, he was confronted with a slew of legal difficulties.

He was shot killed while he was only 20 years old. Because of his sadness and alienation-themed tracks, XXXTentacion has a cult following among the young.

7. Kodak Black

Kodak Black is a singer, composer, and one of the best rappers from the United States. He rose to prominence after releasing chart-topping albums such as Painting Pictures and Dying to Live. Kodak Black, is also a well-known philanthropist.

He also revealed in 2018 that he was constructing a school in Haiti. He has also contributed money to many charity initiatives over the years.

6. Kanye West

Kanye West carries a Texas-sized boulder on his shoulder, but he has the talents to back it up. West is widely regarded as the finest producer on the mic. His style has changed over time, and his CDs cover a wide range of topics. His impact is felt all over the place.

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5. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is a rapper, songwriter, and record producer from the United States. He is widely considered as one of the most talented and popular hip hop musicians of his age, with some media sources dubbing him the “new king of hip hop.”

4. The Notorious B.I.G

The Notorious B.I.G. is a one-man emcee. He had the tales, hits, amazing guest rhymes, lyrics, and a wonderful body of work to make a lasting impression.

Biggie had enough swagger to persuade both young and elderly audiences. His seamless wit and unrivaled flow cemented his place as one of the greatest rappers of all time.

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3. Nas

Nas is a hip-hop emcee’s emcee. A quick-witted voice? Check. Thrilling stories? Check. Songs with a theme? Check. Albums considered classics? Check. An outstanding dedication to integrity.? Check, check, and check again.

Nas has a knack for bringing images to life, whether he’s talking about project windows or fried food. He’s withstood the ups and downs of the music industry while maintaining a loyal fan base. Nas is without a doubt the greatest emcee of all time.

2. Eminem

Eminem is a one-of-a-kind artist. His apocalyptic lyrics, sophisticated flow, creative wordplay, and careful phrasing elevate him to the top of the rapper ranks.

1. Tupac Shakur

Tupac Amaru Shakur, often known as 2Pac or Makaveli, is widely regarded as one of the most influential American rappers of all time.

In Shakur’s rise to prominence, talent and difficulty went hand in hand; the higher Shakur ascended in his iconic position, the deeper he became embroiled in gang violence and a notorious feud, which unfortunately led to his untimely demise.