10 Scary Mesmerizing Underwater Statues That Will Surprised You

Scary Mesmerizing Underwater Statues
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Statues and sculptures are an important part of our history. Other than that, they represent cultural values as well. When it comes to underwater sculptures, they become more attractive. Scuba divers and tourists found them more interesting. Do you want to know some of the best underwater statues in the world?

Here we are presenting the list of 10 wonderful underwater statues. From the holy Jesus sculpture in San Fruttuoso to Fake moai on Easter Island, there are several underwater sculptures that you must visit once. Here we go. Let’s check out the list.

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1- Christ of the Abyss, San Fruttuoso

Underwater statues: Chris of the Abyss

Christ of the Abyss is one of the most fascinating underwater statues. The bronze statue lies 56 ft deep in the Mediterranean Sea. Here near this spot scuba diver Dario Gonzatti drowned in 1947. Guido Galletti sculpted this beautiful sculpture of Jesus Christ.

In fact, Galletti molded three figures. Apart from San Fruttuoso, the second one is in Grenada. The third statue lies in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, 8m deep off Key Largo.

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2- Guardian of the Reef, Grand Cayman

Guardian of the Reef, Grand Cayman

The Guardian of the Reef is an amazing underwater statue. It stands 13 feet tall from the base in Grand Cayman. Along with its podium, it is 17 feet tall. It has become a center of attraction for scuba divers. Simon Morris made this sculpture.

Simon also made two famous underwater bronze mermaids. “The Emerald Princess” is located in Mermaid Cove, British Columbia and “Amphitrite” is in Grand Cayman.

3- Museo Atlántico, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Underwater statues: Museo Atlántico, Lanzarote

Museo Atlantico has one of the underwater statues in the world. It is the first underwater art museum in Europe. It is a fantastic site for snorkelers and divers. The President of Lanzorate, Padro San Gines integrated in Jan 2017.

The center of attraction is the Raft of Lampedusa, Los Jolateros, hybrid statues, etc. The best thing is that if someone doesn’t have a diver certificate then they have a particular program. They allow a one-try dive, dive skills session, and much more.

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4- Museo Subacuatico de Arte off Cancun

Museo Subacuatico de Arte off Cancun

Museo Subacuatico de Arte off is a museum dedicated to conservation art. It is a non-profit organisation. It has around five hundred statues. Several local and international sculptures made significant contributions.

In fact, it promotes lively coral reefs and marine conservation. It has several galleries. The museum receives a massive number of visitors every year.

5- Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada

Underwater statues: Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

British sculptor Jason Taylor created the Molinere sculpture park in Grenada. An area of 800 m is covered with sixty-five sculptures. Molinere Bay suffered damage from the Hurricane and this sculpture park provided the marine life to extend.

Some of its best pieces are Viccisitudes (a ring of children holding hands), The Lost Correspondent, Unstill Life, etc. Some statues are located near the surface while others are deep down and difficult to reach.

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6- Ocean Atlas, Nassau

Ocean atlas, Nassau

Ocean Atlas is the largest underwater sculpture. It stands at a towering height of 18ft and has a weight of about 60 tons. It portrays a girl carrying the ocean above her. The statue lies in the sea near New Presidency in the Bahamas.

Jason deCaires Taylor designed the masterpiece Ocean Atlas. It is made from pH-neutral materials. It got the name Atlas from the Greek God for carrying the heavens on its shoulders.

7- Christ of the Abyss off Key Largo, Florida

Underwater statues: Christ of the Abyss off Key Largo

Christ of the Abyss off Key large is situated in Florida. Its original sculpture is located in the San Fruttuoso. Guido Galletti sculpted this wonderful sculpture. It is one of the most famous underwater statues in the world.

The concrete base weighs about 9 tons and the statue weighs about 573.2 pounds. It is the third bronze underwater statue and the other two are located in the Mediterranean Sea, Italy, and the coastline of Grenada.

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8- Underwater Grotto, Bohol

Underwater Grotto, Bohol

Bohol is famous for its natural beauty. Apart from the mesmerizing Chocolate Hills, there are various tourist attractions. One of them is the underwater Grotto sculpture. The main objective of placing the underwater sculpture is to prevent marine life from fishermen.

Two statues were installed in Danajon Bank Double Barrier Reef Marine Park in Bien Unido. The first one was Virgin Mary and the second was Santo Nino. These sculptures are installed about 60 ft deep underwater.

9- Fake moai, Easter Island

Undewater statues: Fake moai, Easter Island

Let’s know about the fake moai on Easter Island. Easter island has much more to explore in the underwater world. There is a fake moai placed on the island by the people of Rapa Nui. The most interesting thing is that the water is crystal clear.

Besides, the island has coral formations, fishes, eels and a 10 feet tall moai, etc. It offers an amazing diving experience and has less pollution compared to other water bodies. You must visit one of the best underwater statues on Easter island.

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10- “The Guardians”, Talamone

 “The Guardians”, Talamone

The fisherman Paolo Fanciulli made it possible to create a sculpture park in Talamone, Italy. He wants to save the marine ecosystem from trawlers. Some other artists who carved the sculptures are Massimo Lippi, Emily Young, Giorgio Bucatini, etc.

The artist Emily Young made four sculptures weighing 12 tons each. Giorgio Butini created Acqua and Siren. A mermaid by artist Aurora Vantaggiato is also a wonderful statue underwater.