30 Best Musical Tattoo Styles That Will Inspire You

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As we all know everyone loves music here we come with a list of musical Tattoo styles that show the love for music but did you know that the transition happened from music to musical tattoos by 1970 as there was an excellent metal, rock scene, and many people around that time were largely influenced by them and hence became popular over time.

Every age group and every person around the globe have two things in common, one everyone is human, and second, every person has some taste in music. For a long time, every person somewhere around the globe has been facing issues due to COVID-19 and many would have wished to get a tattoo but were unable to due to the circumstances. As we all know from the time COVID-19 hit worldwide every business had to face its share of problems and also tattoo industry too had its ups and downs.

Here is the marvelous and incredible list of 30 Best Musical Tattoo styles that will inspire you and also may influence you. So read at your own risk if you don’t want to get influenced.

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10 – Contigo Todo Es Mejor – Tattoo Styles

musical tattoo styles

This title has a beautiful meaning and with relation to music, it comprehends. It means “Everything’s Better With You”

9. Should I Play The Piano – Tattoo Styles

musical tattoo styles

One of the best tattoos anyone can come up with as the piano is a very influential instrument in the world of music.

8 – Triumph Over Hate

musical tattoo styles

Music vanishes hate and spreads love

7 – An Outburst

musical tattoo styles

When words fail your music helps you to speak to cool up the fire in your heart.

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6. Heart To Heart – Tattoo Styles

musical tattoo styles

Even if your heartbeat stops this heartbeat will be remembered forever.

5. My Life, My Music

My Life, My Music - musical tattoo styles

For die-hard lovers who just can’t get enough of music can get this as a lifetime remembrance.

4 – Musical Note Tattoo Styles

Musical Notes Tattoo Styles

Die-hard music lovers can also get musical notes for their favorite songs.

3 – Stay Free & Live

musical tattoo styles

Be a Freebird, live life as its once-in-a-while oppurtunity and you may not know when the time may come.

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2 – Heartful Note

Heartful Note - musical tattoo styles

The note is adjoined with the heart to show the connection a person has towards music.

1 – Birdbox – Tattoo Styles

Birdbox - musical tattoo styles

Fly high and never doubt yourself, fears are always there knocking on doors but just fly and never look down.

These were some of my choices for musically inspired tattoo styles that will set you apart from the crowd. So here comes the list of artists who got the tattoo and inspired others. This Tattoo style list may contain pop singers, hip-hop artists, rock artists, etc who shaped the modern musical world with their Influence.

20 – Pharell Williams Guardian Angel

Pharell Williams Guardian Angel

The Happy singer’s got a Guardian Angel on his neck. Also, he decided to get the tattoo when he saw Lenny Kravitz’s sleeves with the same design.

19 – Eminem Loves Hailie

Eminem Loves Hailie - musical tattoo styles

As everyone knows about the rap god here’s his very infamous tattoo of his daughter to show his love for her.

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18 – Snoop Dogg’s Tribute To Nate Dogg

Snoop Dogg's Tribute To Nate Dogg - musical tattoo styles

Snoop got tatted up as a tribute to his old friend and fellow rapper Nate passed away in 2011.

17 – Tyga’s All-Tatted Chest – Tattoo Styles

Tyga's All Tatted Chest - musical tattoo styles

As you can see Tyga’s all tatted up and the tattoo says “Fear none but God”.

16 – Rihanna’s “Rebelle Fleur”

Rihanna's "Rebelle Fleur" - musical tattoo styles

It’s a french written tattoo that translates as “Rebel Flower”

15 – Wiz Khalifa Is Tatted All Over The Body

Wiz Khalifa Is Tatted All Over The Body

Wiz is almost having a whole tatted body and a huge tattoo lover.

14 – Gucci Mane Ice-Cream Cone Tattoo On Face

Gucci Mane Ice-Cream Cone Tattoo On Face

As one of the greatest hip-hop artists, Gucci Mane’s got an ice cream cone tattoo on his face.

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13 – Chris Brown’s Jesus Tattoo On Right Biceps

Chris Brown's Jesus Tattoo - musical tattoo styles

Brown’s Tattoo on his right biceps shows the faith he has in Jesus.

12. Trey Songz’s Chest Inscribed With A Poem

Trey Songz's Chest - musical tattoo styles

“To God, I hope my April’s showers pour on her Forrest and grow the strength that began with one Rose”.

11 – Halsey Has Multiple Tattoo Styles

Halsey Has Multiple Tattoos - musical tattoo styles

She has the word “nightmare” on her upper back to reflect the album “Manic”.

10 – The Dollar Bills Of Rick Ross

Dollar Bills Of Rick Ross - musical tattoo styles

A five-dollar note with Abraham Lincoln’s face and a one-dollar bill with George Washington’s face are two of Rozay’s most unusual tattoos.

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9 – Lil Wayne’s Tatted Body – Tattoo Styles

Lil Wayne's Tatted Body - musical tattoo styles

Lil Wayne has more than 100 tattoos on his body. The huge ‘M.O.B’ tattoo on Lil Wayne is the most known.

8. Nicki Minaj Has Chinese Calligraphy On Left Arm

Nicki Minaj Has Chinese Calligraphy

Nicki got her tattoo when she was 16, and it says in Chinese, “God is always with you.”

7 – Riff-Raff’s Alien Tattoo Styles

Riff-Raff's Alien Tattoo

The alien tattoo of the Riff Raff says “We’re not the same” with an option of “Yes-No” choice.

6 – Halsey Paid Tribute To Juice WRLD With Hand Tattoo

Halsey Paid Tribute To Juice WRLD

With the release of their duet, ‘Life’s A Mess,’ Halsey paid tribute to the late rapper.

5 – Rihanna’s Birth Year

Rihanna's Birth Year

Rihanna received a new tattoo that says ‘1988,’ which is her birth year.

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4 – Christina Milian Has A Lil’ Wayne Tattoo

Christina Milian

Christina Milian’s fresh tattoo she got for her lover Lil’ Wayne.

3 – Tyga’s Tattoo Written by Kylie

Tyga's Tattoo Written Kylie

2 – To Signify The Record Label, Blackbear Has Letters “BEARTRAP” Across His Fingers

Blackbear Has Letters "BEARTRAP"

1 – The Strongest Substance Known To Humans Is Diamond


On Justin’s right forearm is a diamond tattoo. Invincibility, preciousness, and beauty are all symbols associated with it.