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20 Most Visited Websites 2022 You Should Know

most visited websites

As you know, the Internet is a premium source of information. People search through queries on search engines. Websites are shown on the page related to your queries. Here we are going to discuss the most visited websites in the world.

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Be it Google, Wikipedia or LinkedIn, there are various websites that possess massive audiences daily. Obviously, people trust these sites because they provide genuine information related to the query. Anyone can clear doubts related to any field from the Internet. You will get the answer of questions at your fingertips. Let’s check out the list of most visited websites given below:

1- Google:

Most visited websites:

There is no doubt about it. Google ranks at the first position in the most visited websites list. is actually the most visited website with a low Bounce Rate. It possesses enormous visitors.

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2- YouTube:

YouTube is in the second position on the list. It provides information that is easily understood by users. It has over 2 billion active users. YouTube offers quality content in almost every field.

3- Facebook:

Most visited websites:

Facebook is one of the most used social network websites. It has over 2.9 billion active users. Facebook offers news, chat, calls etc with exciting updated features.

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4- Instagram:


Instagram possess over 2 billion monthly active users. It is also one of the most popular social networking websites. Insta hashtags are the most popular worldwide.

5- Twitter:

Most visited websites:

Twitter is one of the most visited websites. Twitter is most prevalent in the U.S. Apart from memes and microblogs, there are a lot of benefits like brand promotion, business advice etc.

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6- Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites. Over 500 articles are posted on Wikipedia daily basis. In fact, It is the largest worldwide encyclopedia. As of Jan 2022, Wikipedia’s most popular article is about Betty White.

7- Office:

Most visited websites:
VIA PINTEREST is one of the renowned websites. It has over 1.6 billion users worldwide. It is also the most popular business website. Office 365 is a Universal Software that is easy to use, reliable and complete software suite.

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8- Baidu:


Baidu is a powerful search engine. It controls the majority of search engines in China. It had 5.6 billion visits last month. Baidu is China’s #1 search engine Its products are Baidu Webpage, Map, Video, Pedia etc.

9- Yahoo:

Most visited websites: Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the popular websites. It possesses the Global rank of 11. It had 3.2 billion visits last month. The website get the most traffic from the U.S.

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10- XVideos:

XVideos is one of the most visited websites. It possesses 3.4 billion monthly visits. It is an adult category website.

11- Pornhub:

Most visited websites: Pornhub
VIA PINTEREST is a website that has 3.3 billion monthly visits. Pornhub is an adult category site.

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12- Whatsapp:

Whatsapp web offers people to chat with others on their phones, tablets or laptops. It has 1.18 pages/ visit. It allows people to stay connected to dear ones.

13- Amazon:

Most visited websites: Amazon
VIA PINTEREST is an e-commerce and shopping website. It possesses #1 Rank in the category. It has 2.9 billion monthly visitors. Indeed, Amazon is one of the most reliable sites.

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14- Xnxx:

Xnxx is an adult website. It ranks #10 on the Global Rank. It has 2.3 billion monthly visitors. This website is most popular in the US having country rank 11.

15- Netflix:

Most visited websites:

Netflix is surely one of the most visited websites. It has more than 200 subscribers globally. However, its global ranking drops by a number. It had 2.2 billion visitors last month.

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16- Zoom:


Zoom has grown unexpectedly since pandemic. As it allow online conferences, meetings and webinars. In fact, It has monthly visits of 1.3 billion visitors.

17- Reddit:

Most visited websites:
VIA PINTEREST is a renowned website. It possesses over 1.6 billion monthly visitors. It include subreddits. Reddit Premium allows members to view ad-free site.

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18- LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and most visited websites. It provides the platform for career building and professional network. It possesses over 750 million members. LinkedIn has 1.4 billion monthly visits.

19- Naver:

Most visited websites:
VIA PINTEREST is a South Korean website. In fact, it has 1.2 billion monthly visitors and possesses Global Rank #25. Its traffic has decreased past month.

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20- Pinterest:

Undoubtedly, Pinterest is one of the most visited websites. It is a social networking site. Discover style, decor, cooking recipes, fashion trends and much more. It has more than 919 million monthly visitors.


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